Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year....B-r-r-r-r-r-r!

Lovely Morning Blown Away

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...not really. If I had not gone to the chiropractor this morning, I might have ridden. But my neck and back were not so good, so I headed out. On the way home I got my hair cut and bought some replacement blades for my car's windshield wipers.

Once home, I did a few chores and watched the temperature rapidly drop outside as a pretty hefty wind blew up. Along with the wind came some snow squalls. And soon, it was down in the 20's and darn miserable out there. I toyed with long lining or lunging, but the wind was really ripping up as the cold front blew in.

I opted for going out to put blankets on the Boys in place of their sheets. For once, I think even Tucker didn't mind having his "clothes" changed. I fed everyone and gave them each a big pile of hay in his stall.

Tucker, of course, had to head around the barn to go into Chance's stall to see whether his food was better. That left Chance out in the cold. I opened the inside door and told Tucker to cross the aisle and go back into his own stall. He gave me an, "All right, all right, if you say so," expression and then, quite happily marched back into his stall to eat his own hay, leaving Chance--temporarily at least--in peace.

You'd think Tuck would be happy with his own feed in his own stall, but he has to see if he can bully his way into eating someone else's portion as well. Hopefully when I go out for the late snack he will be in where he belongs. I didn't lock him in tonight because the ground is frozen so mud is not an issue.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold as well and then the temps will moderate a bit for Friday.

Stacie may be going to look as a Thoroughbred not to far from her house on the weekend. If she does, I may go down. He looks pretty nice and has a super low price. If I needed another horse, I'd snap him up in a minute. I don't know if the link will work for you, but if it does, here is the ad:

Too good to be true? I guess time will tell.

I still haven't managed to see the warmblood at the farm across the way yet. I guess my timing is off.

Meanwhile, we just keep looking.


  1. Bonne Annee Jean! Best wishes for 2009!!!

    I really like the look of teh TB, gorgeous.

    It is nice to horse-shop for others ^-^

  2. that looks a rather nice horse! if he has no issues, then the price looks pretty good as well ...good luck to stacie for a good horsey start to 2009! and happy new year to you as well...

    and amazingly, I've been able to comment first time of trying today, so whatever you did, was good..