Saturday, December 20, 2008


Footing is a Mess
Snow, frozen, ice, all kind of chopped up. Snowballs in the feet, and generally ICK. With another storm on the way tonight/tomorrow morning.

So far, I have been moderately productive for the day. I managed to unhitch the trailer from the truck--I'd left it hitched because there was still more horse feed to unload. Everything was frozen together and I finally had to pour hot water on the ball area so I could disconnect.

Then, I made a grave blanket for my parents' grave--quite pretty with evergreens and holly from the back yard, some silk poinsettias and a fabric bow. I took that over the cemetery and placed it. Then on the way home, stopped at a store to get some lights for the back of the house and filled the truck's gas tank--just in case. (It has the 4 wheel drive.)

Headed home. Put up the garland and lights on the back porch. Came inside and started a pot of chicken soup. Then the phone rang and my good friend invited me to a late lunch.

Off I went and I just got back around 5 PM, in time to feed the Boys. Both Toby and Tucker had icy snow balls in their front feet-with the shoes. I have shod them with snow pads in the past, but haven't needed them for several years. Don't know what to do this year with the "Tucker-lose-a-shoe-a-thon" in full swing.

Tuck's in for the night. Now, though I have to watch his water bucket as it was frozen over when I put him in. I have a heated bucket if need be, but as long as I am home to check, I can keep him watered just fine when he's in. The outdoor tubs have heaters so they are no problem.

Winter swings in tomorrow with the coming storm. It might be snow, it might be a wintery mix, or it might be rain, or it might be all three. No matter what the combination, it adds up to "sloppy." Then it's supposed to be bitter cold on Monday, meaning all the wet stuff will freeze to ice. Looks like all three Boys may be in that day. If it's too icy I will not risk anyone going out.

Hasn't been a start of winter like this in several years. Guess I was getting spoiled.

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