Saturday, December 27, 2008


And I'm Not Sure Why

Woke up with a bad neck, heading for a headache. After I fed the Boys I headed for the chiroprator. Had a bunch of stuff out of alignment.

Then I headed for Sears, not to far away to check out the sales on vacuum cleaners. I had had really bum luck with them and decided I try a Dyson. Expensive, but perhaps worth it???

Got my "animal" cleaner on sale with some extra bonuses on the price--including 3.5% less sales tax and headed back home. Stopped at Target to check on vacuum cleaner belts for one of the not quite working ones at home and bought new wreath hanger for the front door at half price.

Came home, checked the Boys, and simply crashed. I was overcome with tiredness. Maybe getting the adjustment did it, as my body just wanted to collapse. I listened and took a nap all the way until feeding time.

I was a decent, but damp day, getting warmer for tomorrow. Maybe if I get a good night's sleep I'll have more energy. I suspect I am fighting off some kind of bug since I usually don't feel this exhausted so easily.

I did put Tucker in for the night again as the ground is thawing back into mud in the paddocks around the barn. He seems quite content. The new hay is yummy, but the bales are really small. Not such a good value. I may go over there during the week to get another "flavor" with some more weight to the bales.

Meantime....nothing of horse value to report.


  1. Dysons are fantastic cleaners Jean, and I'm not just saying that because they are British. James Dyson fought like mad to get a vacuum cleaner manufacturer to take on his design and market it, but they wouldn't - because they relied on aftersales of bags and it doesn't have one. So in the end he mortgaged practically his own life to bring it to market, and deserves every single penny he has earned from breaking down the big players. They all have a bagless one on sale now. The machines themselves last forever.

    I hope the neck is better.


  2. i love my dyson. partner keeps breaking it, but ... i think that's failing to notice what she's hoovering up (and we still all insist on saying that...) and the animal is the top of the range, isn't it? you'll be amazed! as for tiredness - you'll have been doing too much!

  3. My mum's had her dyson for years and years never went wrong!

    I know when ive had treatment for my back/shoulders etc it wipes me out.