Thursday, December 25, 2008

And We're Out!!

Christmas Present for the Boys

Turnout at last. I could have ridden since the windy night had dried the area footing, but I decided against it. It just didn't seem fair to either the Boys or me after three days of confinement.

Christmas Eve/Morning must have gotten even warmer past midnight as all the ice disappeared in the arena. That meant Tucker had a turnout place with minimal mud. I put them out around 10 AM and just brought them in again now, at about 8 PM after I came home from Christmas dinner at my cousins' house. I'd fed them in the arena before I'd left at around 1:30 so the later feeding hour was not a problem. And they had some nice hay in the pasture.

Dinner was delicious for me and the company of family added much to the day. On the way home, I drove my Aunt around to look at some of the houses decorated with Christmas lights. Some people get very carried away with all kinds of lit up Santas, snowmen, deer, candy canes and just lights everywhere. We just toured around a bit taking in the sights. It was a fun drive home.

Now, I am just waiting to hear how my friend Stacie's new riding prospect makes out in his vet exam tomorrow. You all, I am sure, recall Stacie's horse, Lucky, who had the bone problem and finally ended up being unrideable. Over the last several weeks, Stacie finally found a young warmblood to buy and has since taken him on trial. He is at a trainer for now, and tomorrow will get his x-rays. Please send good vibes for Bolt so he can have a wonderful new home with Stacie. I think I am nearly as excited as she is about him.

Weather looks semi-promising for the week even though it's supposed to rain again on the weekend. Temperatures will stay moderate and mostly above freezing. The problem will be, as ever, monitoring the mud situation, but I can cope with nearly anything except......ICE!!!


  1. I'm glad you all had a good day. "Bolt" does not sound like the most auspicious name for a young horse!!


  2. i thought that, caroline! bolt of what, though? lightning or lead? hope it all comes right for Stacie, and hope you get some riding in yourself, jean...