Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weather Or Not

Not With This Weather

It was raining and sleeting when I got up, then just raining when I went to church. Cold, soggy not quite get rid of the snow kind of rain.

By the time I got home after a luncheon at church, it had stopped raining so I put Tucker out in the arena with Chance and Toby for the afternoon. All the snow in there had turned to slush. Not so bad, except that the temperatures are supposed to drop radically overnight, turning everything to ice.

I spent the later afternoon hooking up the heated water buckets in each stall--this time running extension cords through the barn aisle mostly because I didn't want to plug them in the outlet near Tuck's door in case he decided to play with the wires. It's a bit of a mess, but as long as I keep control over who's in the aisle, it will be fine.

The plan will be to keep all three Boys in tomorrow. It is supposed to be bitter cold with heavy winds. While I am sure they could all be fine outside, the icy footing is my big worry. It might be quite treacherous. No sense in taking any chances.

I switched them all over to winter blankets. Chance a lightweight thinsulate over his Rambo sheet and Tuck and Toby have winterweight blanket on. I'm not quite sure what blanket I have that fits Chance at the moment, so the double layer will do just fine to protect him from the freezing temps. If the wind is blowing from the west, I may have to close up his top door too.

I do wish I were going to be home. That way I could check on them during the day. I'll fill a heated bucket for each one and one regular bucket of water. Hopefully they will drink the regular bucket first and save the heated water for later in the day.

Every day is a new complication in the winter.

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  1. SH made me some big heated buckets on a transformed down power supply so that it didn't matter if they bit through the wires. I haven't needed to use them for about twelve years, and they are all useless now.

    I hope your plan worked.