Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Confusion Abounds

Solar Power Is On The Way

Not that I exactly have the money for it at this point, but the solar energy company plans to start installing my energy system this week. In the long run it will be a good thing, but right now, it is a bit painful financially.

So somehow I have to coordinate these guys coming and going to get the work done. And poor Tucker is stuck in the barn where the guys will be climbing all over the roof to install the panels.

I have him out in the arena right now with a Simple Boot on his unshod hoof. If it's still on when I go out for late feed, perhaps he can be out in it during the day until he has another shoe. I hiked around this morning and didn't find the lost shoe, so as of now--will look again tomorrow morning--he needs a replacement.

I also found this stuff on the Internet: http://www.hoofarmor.com/ I have emailed Scott, my farrier, to see if he knows anything about this stuff. If Tucker could go barefoot, it would solve the problems, but I cannot take the time or risk it would be to transition him. Supposedly this stuff solves the bulk of that problem. And, it might be a permanent alternative to shoeing if it really does work as described. I told Scott if he wants to experiment, I am willing to let Tuck be the subject, as long as we can get shoes on him ASAP should the product prove a failure.

Otherwise, I will be running into this lost shoe scenario regularly. It's not good for me and definitely not good for Tuck. Horses need to get out, move around, and exercise, not be kept in stalls like hot house flowers, dependent on the time a human being can handle or work them to provide exercise.

I know there are plenty of horses that spend all their time in a stable but I personally don't think that's at all good for them.

So, again, we shall see what will be.


  1. Usually horses spending time in stable are at livery yard i.e. it costs money, so tehy are in work, light , medium or high. But they are in a programme somehow.

    I like the idea of that product. IMo it is teh best road for you and Tucker. Anyho, he spends so much time layoff that actually taking teh time to transition him, maybe be faster tahn keeping shoeing him ... very badly written, but I hope you get the idea ^-^

  2. Muriel, I used to ride my horses 6 days a week. Still, they always had turnout all day wherever they were boarded.

    Now, some of my own physical problems and my getting older are limiting the riding.

    I am always a little wary of new products, but the Hoof Armor looks promising. I am really getting tired of the lost shoes, but also concerned because Thoroughbreds do not have the best feet.

  3. Yes it is also winter, usually everything slow-down.

    I really like th ehoof armor. But perhaps you ought to lurk on horsey forum to see what people think of it.

  4. well, i don't know about hoof armour, but i do know you can't say that thoroughbreds don't have good feet....i think it depends on the horse.

    seaweed is supposed to be a good supplement for feet?