Saturday, December 29, 2007

Visitor for a Ride

Nice Day Again

I went to the chiropractor this morning and then went to the cinema to see "Enchanted." It's a fun film about a cartoon country princess who is magically transferred to New York City. I liked the film but not as much as "Stardust," another romantic fantasy. Since it was an early show, I was home again by around 12, time enough to put Tucker out after the sun came out.

My friend Stacie called to say she would like to come and ride. She'd visited her horse, Lucky, who it still in rehab after his surgery for removing the dead bone in his leg, and figured she'd make a day of it by coming over.

I did a quick pick up of the front of the house and then went out to do some barn work--using the tractor to clean Tucker's stall and pen since the mud is so icky that using the wheelbarrow is a real challenge. Thank heavens for the tractor. It is fast becoming one of my greatest treasures.

Stacie arrived and she saddled up Toby while I tacked up Tucker. We spent about a half hour in the ring, with Tucker trotting most of the time while Stacie eased herself along on Toby. She hasn't ridden now in nearly a month, so she mixed up some trotting and cantering with nice walk breaks which I am sure Toby appreciated. He was really a good boy, but Stacie did discover that her leg aids had to be subtle or else she would get some unexpected half passes and other lateral moves.

Tucker was pretty cooperative although his did put on the brakes twice during the ride, trying to tell me he'd had enough. Fortunately, a tap of the whip behind the girth encouraged him to go on. I suspect his back/stifle just get tired and perhaps start to ache a bit so he chooses to stop. There were a few moments of excitement, though, when Chance decided to rip around the outside of the ring, putting on quite a galloping/bucking show, destracting Tucker into two or three attempted bolts. Toby hardly batted an eye. *sigh*

While Stacie kept riding, I saddled up Chance and then rode him in the ring for about 10 minutes to settle him down. Then the two of us rode out for a short hack in the woods. Chance led the ride, quite happy to be in front. Toby didn't mind being second horse. I think his philosophy is that if there are any monsters lurking about, they will pick off the lead horse and give him the option of escape "out the back door."

We finished up, came inside for a bit of supper and watched two of the dressage videos Stacie had brought with her. One was of Rudolf Zeilinger riding and 8 year old in all the Grand Prix movements. The horse was extremely talented, not entirely confirmed in all the exercises, but impressive nonetheless.

After the dressage we watched the DVD of "Stardust," and I think I enjoyed the film as much as the first time I'd seen it. Definitely better than "Enchanted," so my initial impression was confirmed.

'Twas a nice day had by all.


  1. it'll have been good for both to go out in company with each other as well - a good horsey day, the best sort!

  2. Nice to be able to help you friend out and have company to ride with..hope her boy is on the road to recovery?

    I havent seen Stardust yet one of those I wasnt sure about although I might have know it would be good as Jonathan Ross's wife wrote it and I like him(he's a chat show host and film critic over here).

  3. I have Stardust on order for my birthday. We went to see it by accident and I thought it was brilliant!!

    Didn't know Jonathan Woss's wife wote it!