Monday, December 10, 2007

Still Not Well

Went to School Anyhow

I wasn't bad in the morning. It was early afternoon when I started to feed badly again.

Some Tylenol helped me make it through the day. Yeech.

I have NEVER been ill this long. Flu, according to the school nurse. Not much to do but wait it out. Take vitamin C. Airborne, colostrum, whatever.

Poor Tucker had to stay in. Nasty day. Rain. At least he has some room to walk around.

Even if the shed were not dead I don't think I would have turned him out.

Sighing off.....sigh.......


  1. OOOOOOH Naughty girl. YTou should have stayed at home!
    Take care of your self, Woman! Nobody else will do it :-)

    Lots of rain too this WE.

  2. flu = 2 weeks off. hope you're getting some help with the lads...

  3. Oh dear flu does that...your feeling a bit better start trying to get back to normal then it hits you again.

    Cold here but dry&bright ..YEAHHH!