Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Ride

Well, At Least One

I rode Tucker in the ring for about 25 minutes. He was nicely forward to start and stayed that way for about 15 minutes of work and then stopped. Actually, he didn't stop entirely, he just stopped trotting, walked on nicely but balked at trotting again.

I diverted his attention by changing direction and then started the trot back up, suspicious that his stifle was bothering him again. If so, I am not surprised, because he hasn't been worked in nearly four weeks since I was sick. If his stifle muscle is weak because of the lack of fitness, it might start to bother him.

I know for sure my own knees were aching and very tired when I got off, so I had sympathy. Still, I need to get him legged up, so we will just have to press on. He was remarkably level headed after all the time off, so that was very positive.

One ride was all I managed, though. I decided instead to lunge Chance and Toby instead. Good thing because once I finished up the barn work and came inside, I was exhausted. And, my body was aching. I figure I will be a bit sore tomorrow, but I too need to press on to regain my own fitness.

Tomorrow, I hope to ride two horses and perhaps ground work one.

I also finished setting up the new drag and, after spending an hour poo picking the arena, dragged it so I had a really nice riidng surface. I do suppose some of that work contributed to my physical condition, but it had to be done.

I went to my cousin's house for a wonderful Christmas dinner and just got home now--about 10:30 PM. As always, good food, good conversation and good company. When I drove my aunt home we toured the neighborhood to look at the Christmas lights.

The Boys were all nestled in their stalls when I got home and Chance was napping in Toby's stall--why not his own, I'll never know. I gave them their late night snack and a big red juicy apple as a Christmas treat.

A good time was had by all.


  1. always good to ride on christmas day. but you are doing too much (i'll start shouting in a minute!)

  2. I'm pleased you're back to riding Jean, long may the improvement in your energy levels continue.


  3. Pleased you had a good day..amazing how difficult it all feels after a break!