Friday, December 07, 2007

And It Continues

Still the Fever

I have never had any kind of illness last this long. Either my being older now is having an effect, or else the viruses are just getting more determined themselves. I do feel a bit better and my temperature is lower, so that's good.

Meantime, I hope to have a load of hay delivered this afternoon. The guy next door has found a young man who will bring a load over and stack it in my carport for me. Yippee!! It will be nice to see the shed full again.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, my friends two sons will be over to see if we can get the shed back up. However, now the forecast is for rain, sleet, and snow, so I don't know if that will happen.

And, I have a ton of poo picking to do in the barn. I have not been able to clean for the entire week as just getting the basic chores done was a mighty effort.

I'll have to see how I feel later today because Tucker may have to stay in his stall and little pen when the bad weather rolls in and he really does need a clean place to hang out.

Frustrating being sick. My sympathy to anyone who has a chronic illness limiting what they can do. It must be so hard to get things done.


  1. That sounds like flue Jean - take it easy, it can knock your energy levels down for weeks if you don't get back to things slowly.


  2. Yep same diagnosis - it is flu. The bet way to get over it is to really get some good rest.
    I hoep you get well soon.

  3. Yep ive had 'proper' flu once and it knocked me for six..I actually lost my appetite,unheard of!:0000

    get well soonx

  4. yes, flu, not flue - unless you've been climbing up chimneys lately?

    C :-)

  5. definitely flu. see if you can get some help with the mucking out .. you shouldn't be doing that, or much else indeed! lots of healing vibes ...and if you can get lemsip, try that as well!