Friday, December 14, 2007

On the Mend

I Think....

I have now taken the entire week off from school. I have over 170 sick days "in the bank," so using the time was no issue. The problem is leaving my students with substitute teachers.

They are generally well-behaved but it's not fair to leave them without real teaching for so long. Thus, I have become a "cyber teacher" for the week. I have what is called an "eBoard" which is a simple website accessible through the school website where I post assignments. Today I have given them an extra credit Christmas assignment which offers them two possible extra credit test grades.

My seniors were supposed to attend a peer matinee of the dance concert yesterday, but due to bad weather--sleet, snow, ice--school closed early and the performance was canceled. They were really looking forward to it as I got a phone call from the vice-principal on Tuesday when the student came to her to ask what they were supposed to do since I wasn't there.

Seniors have a performing arts requirement they must fulfill for graduation and some of the other teachers did not do any of the work needed last year so I have one class where we have to do everything this year. Kind of a bummer, but I will manage. I did add at least one option to the extra credit project which will allow them to complete a part of the requirement, so perhaps they will grab on to that and run with it.

Meantime, I think I am finally recovering.

I certainly hope so. Sunday is the Vespers service at church and I have a solo. Right now my singing voice is OK, so I need to take my vitamins, etc. to keep it OK at least until then. I may also have a solo next week in church if I so choose. I have written a new Christmas carol, my director has arranged it, and I can perform it Sunday if I want to.

Getting sick is bad enough, but being sick just before Christmas is a bummer. My outside decorations are not up. My house is a mess. The barn is a mess. The horses have knocked down part of the interior fence, a good size evergreen limb has fallen in front of the carport where I store my hay, and I am not quite down with my Christmas shopping.

The shopping will be a cinch once I get back in gear, but the rest....yeech!


  1. Fingers crossed your on the mend then and your solo goes well!

    I know the feeling im so far behind on everything at the minute.Ive planned on going christmas shopping with my Mum on Sunday, im not looking forward to chaos of it all but dont get any time through the week with working split shifts so cant leave it any later:0

  2. i really wouldn't worry about anything else, jean, so long as you and the boys are fine, that's all that really matters.

    and nicola, christmas shopping/cards are swear words atm (I haven't done any either....)

  3. how are you doing there jean? thinking of you..