Monday, December 24, 2007


To One and All

It was a nice enough day, and I was busy.

Went to the feed store to stock up on horse feed and bedding. Took the trailer, so I had room for lots of bedding.

Came home and it had dried out enough with the wind that I could turn Tucker out into the pasture and ring instead of just the ring, so he was able to spend the afternoon with Toby and Chance for company.

Used the tractor to clean the stalls and get a better job done with the run in shed. Still more to do, but I didn't over do. I bedded each stall with two bales of shavings, so the Boys have a nice place to nap tonight. Put night hay in and also doled out a bunch of carrots with tops for everyone as well.

Then I headed back to the house to finish up the outside decorations. Garlands and lights on the fencing with red bows at each post, and a garland and bows on the back porch.

Back inside I vacuumed and did a bit of superficial cleaning so things are at least neat and I wrapped the presents for my family gathering tonight.

I guess you have figured that by now, it is getting late in the afternoon and I haven't managed to ride a horse yet. I won't even try. Tomorrow I will clean the riding ring and perhaps drag it while the Boys are eating breakfast and then, perhaps manage a ride or so before going to Christmas dinner.

Gabriel will be coming for lessons on January 19, so I do need to get some work in, but I am still getting pretty tired pretty quickly, so I will have to build up my stamina again.

In the meantime, I intend to have a Merry Christmas and I hope all of you have one too!!

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  1. hope you had a good day, jean, and didn't do too much (i think you have been...)