Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nothing to Report

Snowy, Sleety Day

I suppose I could have ridden, but it was just so miserable today. A coating of snow in the morning promised winter was on its way, and then all day long either a light fall of snow or sleety rain kept things pretty uncomfortable outside.

I am battling a cold as well, so I just wanted to stay warm.

I did pay my pasture rent for the year and, at the Christmas tree farm down the road where my farmer sells fresh cut trees, I puschased a grave blanket for my parents' grave. I took that to the cemetery and placed it, adding some lovely holly springs and evergreens from home.

When I finally got back in the house, I just kind of crashed on the couch.

Stacie called this evening to let me know she had brought Lucky home, or at least back to the NJ Equine Center where he will be spending the month.

The only worrisome thing is that the vets a New Bolton were a little concerned about how sore he was. I guess they would have hoped to see him feeling a little bit better after his surgery.

Otherwise, nothing to report. I guess I was "under the weather" in more ways than one.


  1. We are Human after all ... not everyday can be horsey day :-)

    You were right to stay at home next to the hearth fire :-)

  2. no one wants to ride in the snow.

    now - what is a grave blanket? haven't heard of one of those.... (my dad was cremated and scattered at sea)

  3. I hoe you're OK soon Jean.

    I LOVE riding in the snow!!! Especially when it's a foot thick and I can canter on the road.

    Not when it's falling wet and slushy though, or in a strong wind.


  4. but we don't get that caroline (well, i suppose you might ....)

    go look at eshneider's photos on flickr, especially the prophet series, for snowy riding...

  5. I love riding in the snow we usually dont get enough down to have real fun in but last year/or the one before we had a good covering and I had lots of canter's on the lane it was brill.
    Sleety rain is another matter though and I'd have passed too!