Sunday, December 30, 2007

Just a Line

Long Lines, That Is

I had an afternoon party to go to, so I just had time to work one horse after church today.

Who else but Tucker?

I set him up in the long lines and got some really nice work. I can't quite manage the lines behind his rump all the time as if he gets at all fractious, I simply cannot run with him since my knees are SO bad. We did do a bit of work that way, but in the end I put the outer rein up into the turret to finish up, allowing me a much better sense of control over where he was going.

Good work, though, and I must admit, he certainly is capable of getting his hind end well under him and might even get some "air" time out of his stride when he gains the strength.

No issues with the stifle when he is on the lines. If it's not too wet to ride tomorrow, I will be interested to see if he is happier. I started the omeprazole yesterday, so if the ulcers are kicking up due to all the turnout restrictions, he should be a more willing partner. If the stifle is bothering him, the ulcer meds will do nothing to cheer him up.

Rain, sleet and a bit of snow in the afternoon and evening, but the roads were just wet, not icy. Good thing as my party was about a 40 mile drive from home and it was really dark and soggy on the way home. I did have a good time, but might have stayed even longer with all my longtime good friends if I had been more sure about the weather.

If tomorrow is OK weatherwise, my electrician claims he will be here to change my ring lights to something far more reliable than the first ones he installed. Stacie mentioned she might come as well, so it may be a busy and fun day.

"Stardust" is definitely a winner, Caroline. Second time viewing on DVD is just as much fun as the first time in the theatre. Great present for your birthday!


  1. shame you're having snow - hope it doesn't get as bad as elsewhere in the states, sounded awful...

  2. All the snow changed to rain and there was no evidence of the white stuff.

    Of course it has just made more mud. Yippee! (Not.)

  3. Ten weeks and I get Stardust if it's out in the UK by then. It's only just finished in the big screen.

    Mud, yuk, I'd rather have snow.