Saturday, December 22, 2007


Cleaning Frenzy!

Did the east two stalls and about half the run-in (mostly old hay--soggy etc.) this morning. The tractor was the key as it saves me from having to push the wheelbarrow.

Then I went to the chiropractor, got adjusted, went to the pet food store to stock up on cat food, hit a mall store and then made it to my luncheon date at 1 PM. Of course, my three friends were late, but when they did get there we had a grand time. Good company, good, intelligent conversation and Perkins home cooked food--which is pretty good for franchise meals.

Afterwards, I did a little shopping and got two poinsiettas for my house.

Came home and cleaned Tucker's little run-in shed, his stall, and bedded the other two as well. I do need more shavings but will get them tomorrow along with a load of feed.

So, aside now from the rest of the eastern run-in and the riding ring which needs a clean and a drag, the barn is slowly getting back to order. I still have to reorganize and sweep the feed room--still suffering from the Tucker attack-- straighten up the aisle and put up the Christmas lights and star. So, I have two days.

Fortunately, at the moment, I feel pretty good. My voice seems cleared up so I should be able to do a pretty good job on my solo tomorrow morning. This is a piece for Christmas I have written and my choir director arranged. I am very pleased with the result as it is very pretty.

It may rain tomorrow. If so, I guess the riding might be curtailed, but if not, I hope to spend at least a few minutes on a horse or three.

It's been so long.

Caroline, my doctor said whatever the virus that's going around is, it is lasting for weeks with everyone. Guess it must be some new mutation or new one altogether that no one has any immunity to. Interesting how the body develops its own alarm system and then invents the antibodies needed to fight off the invader. I would suspect a "brand new" enemy might take a while to figure out the exact weaponry needed to fend it off. So far, victory seems to be assured.


  1. You must be feeling very satisfied to have been able to get the yard back into some sort of shape. I hope your recovery continues on its upward path!


  2. glad you're feeling better in time for xmas. just don't do too much!

  3. You inspired me and I had a bit of a clean out today too,I love the feeling of satisfaction when its done!
    Glad your feeling better.