Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Spirit

But No Horsing Around

Still haven't done anything with the Boys. I am hoping I will feel well enough on the weekend.

I do have a major clean the barn job ahead of me as it really is a mess. The tractor is going to be busy.

I managed to get the outside of the house partially decorated to it doesn't look so dark and dispirited. I still have some more garlands and lights to put up, but I think I need some more extension cords. Whatever I manage to do with the ones I use the year before, I'll never know, although at least three of them were in the barn being used for the fans. I had to leave two there for the heated water bucket in Tuck's stall, so I guess I am going to need to buy some more--again. *sigh*

I just set up a fiber optic tree in the house and my cats are rather active and destructive of such entertaining objects as tree ornaments, so that was an easy set up.

We had a really nice teachers' luncheon in school yesterday, and I am going to lunch with some good friends on Saturday. But, while I was sick I somehow managed to lose about 5 or more pounds and I don't want to put them back on. I am going to try hard to curb my lust for Christmas cookies and all those tasty sugary treats of the season.

That's going to be interesting. *G*


  1. i've dropped teh same - 4-5 pounds. I don't want them back either!


  2. much as i don't want the flu, i could do with losing 4 - 5 lbs or a bit more - you can both have some of mine if you want?