Friday, December 28, 2007

Full Day

Nice Weather

Lovely day, but the ground was still saturated. I took the chance and put Tucker out in the ring and pasture with Toby and Chance anyhow. It seemed as if the pasture wasn't too mucky and the ring was just very wet sand with puddles.

Then I went off to get the cable TV boxes to switch over to digital cable--which was going to be a requirement soon anyhow. The boxes are quite large, about the size of a DVD player, so I am going to have to be a bit creative as to where to sit them. The living room one MAY fit on top of the TV or, if that fails I think I can sqeeze it on the shelf next to the DVD/VCR player. Saving that job until I have the energy.

Then I went to the tack store to return the too small horse boots and to see if they had a pair of sandals like I got my one cousin for my other cousin. Luckily they did, so I got them for her as a belated Christmas present.

Stopped by a local restaurant on the way home to view an art show my friend--teacher next door to my room at school--particpated in with her wonderful watercolors. I also bought a take out lunch of a delicious turkey burger.

Ate and then headed out to the Boys. Rode Tucker first, about 10 minutes in the ring going over the cavaletti a number of times for his stifle. Then we went out into the woods for a nice little hack. He was an angel so that was a great ride.

When I got back, my friend the plumber was here to look at the spigot in my barn that was leaking and spraying water all over. We chatted a bit and then I took Toby out for a hack. We rode back to see if the flooding was flooded only to find it was fairly dry. I can see the water mark on my monitoring sticks, so there was water back there, but it has receded--a good thing. I was afraid it might be really wet but so far, better than expected. Toby was angel #2.

Brian, the plumber was still there when I got back and he'd managed to change the washer in the spigot, so the leak is fixed. Yea! Then he went to the outside spigot to work on that while I saddled up Chance. I had fully intended to take him on a hack too, but as soon as I mounted in the ring, he took off in a quick trot so I decided to school him instead. Good thing. He is far from really trained at this point so he quickly reverts back to head up, can't turn, hang on the bit mode. By the end of about a 20 minute session I was getting him to put his head down and approximate a fairly good turn in each direction, so it was worth the time. I promised him a hack either tomorrow or Sunday, provided he cooperated by being a little more settled. Not quite angel #3, but wearing a halo, nonetheless.

Rode three. More than enough for one day.


  1. our digital boxes are getting to be quite tiny! we bought a new one the other month (previous one being about 9 years old and never giving a reliable signal) so bought a new one with a hard drive recorder, rather spiffy and very good quality pictures/sound.

  2. Dont know how you fit it all you have a 27hour day over there???:)))))

  3. I think Brian the plumber was angel number three :-)