Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tired For Sure

OK, OK, Claire.....

But I think it was the Christmas festivities as much as riding Tucker.

I was definitely worn out today. I fed the Boys in the AM, came back into the house and caught up on some email correspondence. Then I just kind of hung out until later afternoon.

I gave Tucker a really good lunging session. He trotted for well over 25 minutes and also did the raised cavaletti 10 times in each direction. My knees were pretty sore, and I was tired out, so I just worked him as the other Boys snoopervised.

"Snoopervision" included Chance's stealing Tucker's sheet and dragging it off with the full intent of tearing it to shreds had I not managed to scare him out of the dastardly deed.

All well and good for that sheet, but when I went to feed in the morning, Tucker was naked and his other sheet was lying in a heap in his little run in shed pen. The center back seam was totally ripped open. Now one has to wonder how that happened, unless a certain chestnut youngster had somehow "helped" him undress.

I think I now have two of the newer orange sheets torn asunder. I do have a sewing machine, so eventually, I may be able to repair them, but for now I am just kind of mixing and matching suitable turnout gear. There are supposed to be showers over the next few days, so everyone is back in waterproof "jackets."

Here's hoping my stamina increases along with Tucker's fitness. Winter isn't the easiest or best time to be dealing with fitness issues, but we'll manage. It's a matter of doing a little at a time.

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  1. sorry jean, but you know i'm right!!!! lunging is good - horse works, you don't really! or at least not as hard.

    our cats do a good line in "snoopervising" ...and simba has developed a good line in changing the settings on the outside flashing lights...