Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rainy Sunday

Outside Events Curtailed

Miserable weather kept me inside. I did however go to church, sing my solo, and then go to lunch afterwards.

I had a ton of compliments on the solo. No one really realized I had written the song as well as sung it, so this time, I told people instead of being modest. The neat thing was that the lyrics perfectly suited the pastor's sermon which came right before I sang. He told me afterwards, it was almost as if we had planned it.
"Saw a star in the sky and I wondered, did I
What its glorious beauty would bring.
Heard a voice from on high and I wondered, did I
How its beautiful message did ring.
And I wonder why all the angels fly
In the blazing heaven above,
Proclaiming to the waiting world
The gift of God's boundless love.
And the night is filled with the Prophecy
And the promise of His Word
That unto us a Child is born
The Savior Christ the Lord."

More verses but the melody is very pretty and written for a soprano, which I am. If I could figure out how to post the music--I have a digital version of the accompaniment, I would, but you will just have to imagine....*G*

Anyhow, another neat thing as that the assistant pastor told me after the service that it was so beautiful, but better than that, there was a pregnant woman visiting from Virginia in the congregation and she said that as I was singing she saw her baby kick for the first time. The pastor said it had to remind us of the nativity and how the music might have inspired her child as well. Kinda cool.

Went to lunch with the after church choir gang and had a meal to hold me all day. When I came home I kind of napped for a while as it a hopeless cause to try to do anything outdoors. And again, I was very tired.

I did finally go out tonight to see if the Shop Rite Supermarket had carrots with tops...most carrots around here have the greens trimmed off when you buy them...which is my traditional horsie Christmas gift. (Sh-h-h-h-h. Don't tell the Boys.) I also got them some apples and am finally ready for Christmas Eve treats. I also put up the greenery and lights, including the star on the barn. I may not have the fence done in front of the house, but the important lights are up, so it does look a bit Christmasy around here now.

Better almost late than never.


  1. have to confess we did our lights yesterday (sunday) and i bought tomorrow's dinner this morning...

  2. I'm glad you were well enough to sing Jean.