Saturday, December 15, 2007


Fever Soared

My temp was over 102F early this afternoon. To make it more depressing, my doctor called with the results of my blood tests which clearly indicated I was sufffering from a really nasty virus, not an infection, so antibiotics would definitely be useless.

Needless to say, no real horse news. Unless Tucker's getting himself wedged in the tack/feed room is a story. The Boys were supposed to be locked in the ring/pasture today. My friend's sons were over to do some work for me--clearing the evergreen branches that had fallen in the ice storm, fixing more broken fence, and putting the water heater in my tub. One of the boys had told me that the horses were in the paddock area.

While this was not good, since that's where the mud is--Tucker's shoes--I was feeling too lousy to go out to herd them back. It wasn't until later that I looked out to see Tucker's head sticking out of the tack room. EEK!

My tack room is elevated off the barn floor by about two feet, with a plywood floor--the middle section of which is now covered with a layer of 1/2' plywood to cover the hole Tucker made when he fell through years ago. (He was smaller then....) The room is 10 X 10, but there is a tack cabinet on one side, the feed bins, and on the other, two tool cabinets. Once a horse is in, it's impossible to turn around, so bacing out is the only real option.

However, Tucker had managed to knock things down behind him on his way in, so there he was, happily munching on the grain while totally stuck in the narrow quarters.

So out I trudged, dragging myself to the rescue.

I have to admit, keeping my voice low and calm may have helped because Tuck just kind of stood there watching me as I asked Bill's son to move the tractor out of the way--it sits under the run in shed part that is just outside the tack room's outer door. Then, with no fuss, I opened the outer door, and Tuck stepped down and out onto the lawn as I breathed a sigh of relief. The tack room was trashed, the feed was a mess, but my horse was safe.

We herded him back into the paddock and all was well--presuming his shoe is still on. Whew!


  1. Take care of yourself Jean, that's one nasty virus you have there if you still have a fever. Tell that Tucker I'll smack his bottom if he doesn't let you rest!!!


  2. OOOOOOOOOOH what a cheeky monster you have LOL!

    Take care of yourself. you know it is only rest, rest, rest plenty of nice mug of your favourite drink :-)

    Take care ... My thoughts are with you!

  3. thank goodness he stayed calm - guess he'll not need feeding for a while though. you definitely need some help... that's an awfully high fever..

  4. It really seems to be hanging on for dear life doesnt it!Suppose its just a case of time and rest which isnt easy when you have horse's,especially ones who are determind to create mischief!