Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still Under the Weather

Was I Running a Fever?

My chiropractor thought so when he adjusted me today. I stayed home from school again and just totally crashed on the couch all day.

Meanwhile a howling gale outside carried my little run in shed over the fence into the trees. I can't quite move it myself, so I have to wait until one of my kind friends has the time to help out.

The Boys were not too keen about the "treehouse" but finally managed to work their way past it to go out to the pasture.

I am still keeping Tucker on restricted turnout, in the ring and pasture only as long as there is no mud. Toby and Chance are out with him when the pasture is open, but he stays in the ring by himself if the pasture is too wet. What I still have to do is hook up the water heater in the water tub I've put in the ring. It hasn't been cold enough to freeze the water solid in it yet and the temps this wekk are supposed to moderate a bit. So, I guess I have time.

Meanwhile, I feel to tired to ride. Whatever bug I am fighting is certainly determined to keep me out of action.

I do hope to go to work tomorrow, though. It's a little hard to teach from a remote location.


  1. You sound like you are going down with a "winter bug". I hope you can take a few days off, to recover nicely.

    Take care!

  2. you'd have been better off staying at home, no doubt ( i see from your post on caroline's blog that you didn't....)