Friday, July 01, 2011

All On a Summer Day

I Am Well Adjusted

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning, so I am feeling quite good at this point. I had my afternoon swim and my lazy river ride and I'm a happy camper.

Except that my car's air conditioning is not working right. I hope to take it in tomorrow sometime to have it checked. Hopefully it's just a minor problem as sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  Could be it's just low on coolant or something simple like that....I hope!!

I have some catnip growing by the back door and I picked some for my kitties. Rather than a lot of excited play, the herb seemed to have a more calming effect. There was a bit of wrestling, and then Scooter decided to take command of the greenery.

 This is Scooter, totally under the spell of the catnip. He spent the evening sleeping with his head on it. And again, today, with some newly picked stuff, he has taken control and once again is lying on it.
Maenwhile, outside, Chance is off by himself grazing in the paddock. As you can see, my grass is pretty sparse. It keeps the Boys occupied, but doesn't pose a "too much grass" threat.
Here is the mown lawn but you can still see the weeds that need some kind of tending.  They are in areas where I cannot take the mower.
And, just for a bit of color, some of the lilies by the front paddock.
Basically, I have to let nature kind of take over around here as there is no way I can keep things trimmed to perfection.

I guess it's enough to try to keep the forest at bay.


  1. Catnip Dreams? The Owl and the Pussycat in a pea green boat,heading out to sea, maybe?

  2. Ohhh sounds like an amazing relaxed day. We're stuck in the depths of winter so I am very jealous! Hope the a/c gets sorted!

  3. Love the catnip kitties, looks like they couldn't be more relaxed.

    The pool sounds refreshing. Hope you get the ac fixed in your car before some really hot weather kicks in.

    We're never going to keep up with the weeds. I've decided to declare them beautiful natural flowers. As long as it's green that's good enough for me.

  4. You remind me about the catnip. I bet the Kitties really enjoyed it ^-^

    Is Chance wearing a fly rug? Are they really bad at your place too?

    You can call your garden and English garden when things grow naturally. I believe it is actually quite an art to make it look like nature.
    The opposite is the French garden, where Flowers are planted in rigorous pattern ^-^

    Here is a pic of an English Garden I love them

  5. Catnip is mine - all mine!! Too cute.

    Lovely pictures. I like the natural look in yards and gardens. Not everything has too reflect the "hand of man" ;)

  6. Cute kitties. We have weed wars around here too; awfully hard to get rid of for sure. I think Grey Horse is definitely on to something. *Laugh*