Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Little By Little

I Learn

By the time I am in the hospital, I think I will have mastered my tablet.  It's taking some getting used to and it certainly is not as fast as my home desktop computer--hooked up to Xfinity (Comcast) high speed Internet, but it will do.

I managed to load in the SlideMe application store and things from there load just fine. I'll have the software I need set up eventually. Right now, it's a bit of experimentation. Since the android programs don't work on the PC, it's kind of hit or miss. I've loaded up several applications I thought would be good and then removed them because they simply didn't work the way I wanted them to.

But on the desktop front, I had to get a new keyboard as my other one was getting wonky.  I wanted an ergonomic one and ended up with the Mircrosoft 4000.  Cool. It's got all kinds of keys to actually access and control the Internet interface right from the keyboard. There is even a "Zoom" key that let's me enlarge webpages without having to access my toolbar. It's kind of fun.

The weather today was a delightful break. This morning was perfectly lovely out. The sun showed up, but the humidity was much lower.  The Boys spent quite a bit of time outside grazing and just relaxing.  I have started giving Toby beet pulp in the morning again, and so far he's eating it.  I will not go back to alfalfa pellets for him, though and I have to keep an eye on him for any signs of stiffness or discomfort in his feet. So far, so good.

I also got a nice swim in today with both the air and water at just perfect temperatures.  I am up to fifteen laps with my leg exercises added to the program.  Nothing like the swimmers at the world competition, however. I just found out I do have a TV channel broadcasting it live, so it's fun! Men's 200 meter freestyle.  Those guys make me look like a snail!!

I also had a visitor in my side yard--a cute little red fox. I tried to take some pictures, but the screens on the windows post a problem. I'll look at what I got but I'm not sure anything is worth posting. The little critter was hunting for something in my lawn. I eventually went out the back door to sneak around to see if I could get a better picture, but foxy was too elusive and finally slipped out of sight--probably heard my tiptoeing my way towards him.

Maybe when I get my new knees, I can hone my ninja skills and get some decent wildlife pictures around here. That would be novel.

More to look forward to.


  1. We've got two baby foxes that were born on the property but they're getting big now. Unfortunately, their mama was hit by a car across the road from us. They hang around the feed shed at dinner time, just like mama used to.

    Glad you got in your swim today. The boys sound like they were enjoying the day too.

  2. Anonymous9:15 PM

    I've seen red foxes around here, but not recently - the coyotes are too much competition.

    Glad you're getting the tablet under control - all that technical stuff is a bit much.

  3. Wow, what a great day! There is nothing quite like a pleasant summer day to make you happy. The tablet is coming along well. I admire you for learning yourself. I always have Dave learn first and then have him show me how to do it. I am very lazy that way.

    We have a family of foxes, the same every year but with a new generation, not ten minutes walking, from our house. They are surprisingly small and slender.

  4. Ninja skills ? ! ^-^ You are going to disapear in a cloud of smoke and doing lots of back-flip LOL.

    I am glad all is well in Follywoods!

  5. Ninja skills sound awesome! Sound alike everything is going well on your home front.Glad to hear it :)