Friday, July 08, 2011

Bad News, Good News

Vet Visit #2

Toby is doing fine and his feet barely showed any sensitivity. I am to lower his dosage of Bute.

My vet spoke to Scott and they discussed the shoeing, which I hope will take place next week. BUT, poor, unhappy Toby must stay in all week and for a week afterwards.

He is SOOOOOO miserable.  I went out for late feed and he was distraught because Tucker and Chance were off in the front paddocks grazing--or nibbling on the very sparse grass.  He got out of his stall into the aisle of the barn and trotted back and forth a few times, whinnying frantically.  My aisle is only about 30 feet long, so it was just a short trot, but I do have to say he looked sound.  Once Tucker came in for his snack, I ushered Toby back into his stall and he settled down enough to eat a little. He did clean up his food from dinner, so that's good and he's been eating his hay.

Two more weeks is going to be so hard on him. While I could take him out to graze, my Dr. McAndrews was very clear that he should not be moving around much at all so his feet can heal.  Poor boy.  Some horses are OK when laid up, but I fear he is not one of them.  I did buy a supplement to help calm him and, since it's magnesium and chromium, it's good for metabolic issues as well. Perhaps it will make him feel a little better and less anxious.

Here is poor, sad Toby in his stall:

In contrast, by choice, Chance is here in his stall enjoying his fan:
And, outdoors, the little black kitty who lives in the garage actually sat still long enough for me to get a blurry picture:
I call him Peppercorn, but so far he does not want to be friends.


  1. Peppercorn must be scared that you will take away his family jewellery ^-^

    Chance is so clever. horses are smarter creatures than people think ...

    Poor Toby, I am sure he will settle down.

  2. Don't you wish you had a pool for some equine aquatics? Peppercorn is a good name.

  3. Love the name Peppercorn for a black kitty.

    Poor Toby, I feel for him. But the rest seems to be doing him good. It's too bad you're so far away we could have Dusty keep him company. She's in and miserable too. Hope the shoeing goes well and tell him two weeks with a fan and no bugs and lots of food and attention isn't the worst thing in the world.

  4. Poor Toby! Could you borrow a pony to put in the stall next to him for two weeks? Maybe a mirror - but he's probably too smart for that.