Friday, July 29, 2011


 Ah, Well

That means I can't mow the grass. Darn. And after I went and bought gas for the mower.

It also means no swimming. Kind of OK in that my chiropractor did some muscle work on me to help prepare me for surgery and kind of said, "No exercises today."  I don't thin that meant no drifting around the lazy river, but the storm stopped even that notion.

The Boys are being really cute and friendly lately.  I guess the boredom of hanging out in front of the fans makes my presence in the barn even more interesting than usual.  And it didn't hurt that I unloaded some feed from the truck as well.  I just don't recall their being quite this ready for a cuddle should I offer one. Somehow I have a feeling that down the road, when I have recovered from my surgery and am able to work them again that they will not quite be so willing to hang out around me. Work ethics have always been a bit lacking in my little herd.

Then again, Chance does love to go out on trails.  Toby doesn't want to do anything, and Tucker occasionally shows an interest in doing something mentally challenging in the arena.  But real work--dressage--is not high on the agenda. It's fine. It's not high on my agenda right now either. Love it, but at the moment, the payoff the next day is far too painful.

I will be very curious to see how long it will be before I will be able to ride with my new knees. Research on the Internet suggests it can be a long recovery.  I plan on breaking all records at getting back to a regular life.  That's why I am trying to be as fit and ready before the surgery as I can.

The chiropractic work is designed to loosen my leg muscles so they are less likely to stiffen after the surgery. My doctor says it should help.  I am also doing leg exercises and of course, swimming.  The ideal recovery would be to put me in a pool right away, but the surgical wounds have to heal first before I could take a chance in pool water--too much risk of infection.  But what a great way it would be to start moving again.

I am typing this on my laptop, currently connected to the Internet via my wi fi. My power went out for three short spans during the storm and on the second outage, I turned most of my electronic equipment off.  I didn't realize my wi fi card was on, but as soon as I turned on the laptop to play some FreeCell, lo and behold, it made a nice solid connection.

Cool.  Technology is so much fun!


  1. I did see on the national weather map that severe thunderstorms were predicted for your area. Guess they were right on that one.

    I like your idea of getting in as good shape as you can before the surgery. It can only help in your recovery and make you feel better in the meanwhile.

  2. We're waiting for a thunderstorm right now. Guess it's moving up from your area. The crawl on the TV says it's going to be a bad one.

    I love it when the horses are snuggly and sweet. Just a bit surprised by it, unless I have treats in my pockets.

    I think you are wise to exercise and get in shape before the surgery. I didn't really and it took a while before I could ride. I think it was about 6 months. But that was my own fault because I didn't really have a horse I knew or trusted enough to try my new knee out on. So I waited until after the winter until springtime to get on Dusty. I think you'll recover quicker than I did because of all your preparations.

  3. You sound like a model patient, with your willingness to prepare. You will make the surgeon look good with your results.

  4. It is all in your mind set. I amsure that you will recover very well and rapidly. Dr James Warson in his book says that riders are the best people to work with because they are so determined!
    Very funny weather overhere ...