Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clean Fridge

Good Deed On A Hot Day

I finished cleaning the refrigerator--at least the bottom half. I still have to sort out what is in the freezer, but I did that not too long ago, so there may not be too many expired items hiding up there.

The bottom was another story. I had a lot of half full/half empty jars and containers of various sauces and foods I definitely was not eating. As a result I now have three garbage bags full of discards. I a lot of cases, things are still in their containers--kind of a big break in my rule of really trying to recycle everything possible, but in this case to empty and clean all the jars was just too much work for me to manage.

The refrigerator as now nearly empty, with just the foods I am eating. It looks amazing.  Hope I can keep it that way.  I have stopped buying things I'm not sure I am going to either like or eat, so perhaps I can keep things under control.

So one major task is complete. I'm not sure what the next phase will be but I certainly need to tackle something soon.

I let Toby out at 6 AM for about three hours. It was not exactly cool, but the sun was just peeking through the shadows of morning so it wasn't too bad. When I went out to feed at around 9 AM, both he and Tucker were quite ready to come into their stalls. Chance was quite ready to come into the barn and investigate Toby's stall while I was cleaning it--or at least dumping the wheelbarrow.  He was very persistent and I finally had to give him a prod with the handle of the manure fork to convince him to leave. Apparently there was a bit of feed in Toby's tub and Chance was determined to eat it.

Once again, all three Boys seemed fairly content to stay in the barn away from the annoying flies and mosquitoes. With all the rain we've had this season, the pests are flourishing despite all my efforts to keep them under control.  I use fly predators, feed through fly control, and flysheets--with fly spray as needed.  I really don't seem to have a lot of stable flies, but all the other outdoor varieties have had had a great breeding season.  I haven't been in the woods, but I suspect it would be horrible out there with deerflies and mosquitoes. Ugh.

The fans help keep the flies away as well as offering a fairly nice breeze for the Boys, so it wasn't too bad inside for them.


  1. That sounds like a huge haul from just one fridge.

  2. That's a perfect job for a hot day. We still have a lot of stuff in our basement (that's where we stored everything when we were in England) and that is always a cool place to work when it's 95 outside.

    Deer flies! Ugh! They are the worst!

  3. If I were a horse I'd rather be in a stall in front of a fan avoiding the biting little pests.

    Good for you for getting that fridge cleaned out. I have to do my cabinets and see what's expired. Then it's on to the kitchen drawers. I started out with one junk drawer now I have three. What a mess, but a good job for these hot days.

  4. Our mosquitos are pretty much gone - it's been too dry. But the flies are incredibly bad - we've got all sorts but the green heads are particularly vicious right now and the ticks are still out although not as many as before.

  5. A great day for fridge cleaning! I can only imagine what I would find lurking in the back of my fridge ...

  6. A big fridge indeed ^-^

    It is cold here O_o 19 degrees centigrades (66.2 degrees Farenheit) O_o the 20th of july!!!
    Unbelievable what a weird summer, we are having....