Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shoes On

And Now the Recovery Begins

Scott came this morning to shoe Toby and Tucker and to trim Chance.

Tucker was first and Scott said he had a lot of punctures in the foot where he lost his shoe.  I knew there'd be something evident as he had walked on the displaced shoe for a while and on the toe clip.  But, surprisingly enough, he was quite sound after he had the new shoe set in place. I will still have to monitor him in case he abscesses, but for now, he's pretty comfortable.

Toby was even better, showing no signs of any discomfort when Scott used the hoof testers.  And as he was being shod, he did not react at all to the nails being hammered in. He was actually almost dozing in the crossties as Scott worked on him.  He now has leather pads with gel injected under them, and rolled toes on his shoes.  I am a bit betwixt and between as Scott told me turning him out for a bit in a smaller paddock--the riding arena would be good for him.  My vet had said he needed to stay in for the week after he was shod.

I did leave him in for now, and I will perhaps put him out for a little while tomorrow in the morning when it's cool. If the other horses are in, he may be less likely to run around.  I don't want him getting too silly until we are sure his feet are OK.

Hopefully, both Boys are on the road to a good recovery. I will keep a close eye on them from this point on.  I haven't decided on any metabolic testing for Toby at this point, and I will keep him on the magnesium/chromium supplements.

Chance, of course, looks just fine is quite happy to have Tucker out with him.  Toby, still locked in, is not happy with that arrangement, but a little turnout for him will help.

So far, so good.


  1. Sounds like good progress all around.

  2. The right shoeing does wonders. It sounds like they're all doing well and I'm sure a little turnout will be fine. Good that there was no reaction to the hoof testers. I hope your other guy gets to go out for a stroll soon.

  3. Two hapyy horses ^-^ It is always a good news!!!

  4. This is good news for both horses. Keeping my fingers crossed that Tucker doesn't develop any abscesses. (That is a hard word to spell.)