Saturday, July 09, 2011

All Quiet

Wrapped Feet

Toby is sporting the silver duct tape the vet put on his feet to hold his pads. Tucker is in bright orange duct tape on his foot. He has an Ichthammol  poultice on his foot.  They make a fine ad for duct tape, that's for sure. I either have to buy a new roll of silver tape or find the one I think I still have.  I may have used it somewhere else besides the barn and--typical of me--misplaced it.

Tucker is really good about being in as he does not fuss much at all. He will try to get out of the stall into the barn aisle, but he does not get frantic if left in by himself. However, this time the east side of the barn is a hospital ward, so all is quiet. I do feel a bit sorry for Chance who was hanging out by the occupied stalls.  Yesterday, at some point, he opened Tucker's door, but Tucker stayed inside, lay down and took a nap instead of going out.

I have since fastened the extra eye hook I put on the door for such occasions. I also have a piece of baling twine holding Toby's door shut. Chance is very clever at orchestrating escapes, so I have to plan ahead.

I gave Tucker some bute this morning and he looks a little less sore this afternoon.  I hope that and the wrapping has made him at least a little more comfortable.

Toby looks fine but I haven't seen him move too much. With Tucker in, he is very relaxed and is spending most of his day either snoozing or eating hay.  I go out several times during the day to check water buckets and give them each a flake of hay--one at time so they don't waste it by dragging it all over the stalls. So far, so good.

Went for a late swim today, so I would miss the bulk of the weekend crowds at the pool. People usually leave around suppertime. Going early, before noon, or after 6 PM solves the problem of too many people swimming in the lap lanes.  It was still a bit busy, but I got my laps in without any "traffic" issues.  It was quite hot today but I think the humidity was at least a little lower.  With the thunderstorm ripping through it was almost like a tropical rainforest around here.

My weeds are very happy.

I need to do something about the ones on my front bank and the other side of the driveway so I can see when I try to pull out.

Maybe tomorrow....maybe.


  1. Glad the "confined" boys are behaving themselves. Some horses seem to be much more tolerant of being cooped up than others.

    Agree about duct tape - wonderful stuff with many uses.

  2. Well, at least the boys can keep each other company! Glad you got in a good swim. I keep telling myself to join a pool and take swim lessons...

  3. It's always nice to have a friend nearby to commiserate with. Good to hear that they seem to be feeling more comfortable. As for Chance, I think there's always one in the crowd who knows how to work the locks. Our locksmith is Blue.

    So nice that you got a chance to swim. Wish I had a chance to take a dip in a pool somewhere today. It was so hot as soon as we got finished riding and the barn was done I had to jump in the shower. Nothing like hay and shavings stuck all over you on a sweaty day. Yuck!

  4. catching up again - so sorry to hear you've got two with poorly feet, even if Toby is happy to have company! hope they both recover soon..

  5. Catching up. Sorry to hear that Tucker is lame too. But at least he is keeping compagny to Toby ^-^

    Two happy horses, now how Chance is going to get Mummy's attention?