Thursday, June 30, 2011

Lovely Summer Morning

So I Mowed the Grass

When I went out to feed the Boys in the morning, it was cool, dry, and lovely out. Rather a surprise, actually as that is not typical for New Jersey lately.

So I decided to take advantage of the weather and mow the lawn. It was rather a boring way to spend the morning, but I certainly do like the looks of my yard after a mowing.  However, there are weeds and tall grass growing in all kinds of places where I cannot take the mower.  I have a number of tree stumps, etc. around.

I came in for breakfast and then went back out to do some weedwhacking with my electric string trimmer.  I didn't overdo this time, so the front bank still needs to be done as do areas on the front lawn. And in the back, where I used to put my garden--before the attack of the tomato eating groundhog--there is a lot of trimming yet to do.

As they say, I'll get around to it--eventually.

I didn't do much cleaning inside today, but somehow managed to use up the rest of the early afternoon until it was time for my swim. This time I fed the horses before I left for the pool. They seemed quite pleased by that.  Of course, they are generally always pleased when I show up to feed.

Did my ten laps, my leg exercises, and then some turns around the Lazy River.

I finally ended up going to the supermarket to get some more onions to make soup.  I am cooking it now, even as I write. After it's done, I will puree it...kind of an alternative texture for onion soup, but delicious.  The pot will feed me for several days.



  1. Onion purée soup ... hmm interesting, I think I did it once, my husband was not impressed HAHAHA
    It is still nice and easy to feed to little people ^-^

    I envy you going to the pool. Your pool sounds really pleasant. Do you meet friends when you go?

  2. I like the puree idea. I've never really cared for the texture of onion soup, too slimy and stringy.

    I think mowing the lawn is one of life's great pleasures. Very relaxing. And destroying those pesky weeds is really quite cathartic!

  3. sometimes we let the horses mow the grass! and Steph just fenced off a section of a front paddock where she planted grass, and now it's grown enough to let the herd on there a few hours a day. it's hard running them out in the evenings!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond