Friday, July 15, 2011

Out With Friends

Me, Not the Horses
Status quo in the barn, although this morning, Toby and Tucker played musical stalls and changed places. So, since they are both stuck in recovering, I left them that way--Toby in Tucker's stall and Tucker in Toby's stall.  I just have to make a mental note not to feed by habit when I go out, as Toby gets twice as much grain as Tucker.

I'm still waiting to hear from Scott for shoeing. My vet is coming back for a recheck on Toby next week on Friday, so I really do need those shoes on Toby for at least a little while before the vet sees him again.

Tucker looks pretty comfortable, but I haven't taken him out to check to see if he still has a limp. As long as he's relaxed in the stall, I figure he's OK and that foot is healing on its own.

That being said, I met my friend Stacie for lunch at the Chinese restaurant buffet yesterday. We had a nice meal and a good long in person visit. We talk nearly every day on the phone swapping stories about our horses and saddle sales adventures. (Stacie is a rep for Trilogy saddles.)

Soon after I got back home, the phone rang, and it was Don, my choir director and friend who'd decided to invite me and another friend over for dinner.  I'm always up for a social meal so I accepted.

I went to the pool for my swim, but didn't ride the lazy river to save some time, came back home, fed the Boys and headed over to Don's house.

We spent a fun evening eating hamburgers, corn and broccoli and then just sat around chatting until after midnight.  Although time was rather interesting as Don's grandfather clock has somehow gotten totally out of sync with the world and was chiming away the time an hour and a half late. Don said he'd just reset it and regulated it earlier in the day and is totally perplexed at what's going on.

Anyone out the have a pendulum clock who may know what's wrong that one should lose so much time within a few hours?


  1. Everything sounds peaceful and quiet with the boys. It's always nice to visit with friends, glad you had a nice day.

  2. Lovely day you had. It sounds like life flowing nicely and smoothly ^-^

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day spent with friends!

  4. sounds like a good day, and that the clock needs a clockmender person...

    probably something to do with the balance?