Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Even Quieter

Follywoods in a Restless Peace

Hot here in New Jersey, so I go out every few hours to make sure the Boys have water and hay.  Toby is quite content that Tucker is locked in the stall next door and has started to eat better.

Tucker is a little restless in his stall but accepting the enforced recovery. I haven't seen him walk much, but he seems much more comfortable on his foot.  Keeping the wrap on has been a bit of a problem. Tomorrow morning I hope I will be able to find the elastoplast I bought. That will work much better than vetrap in keeping the packing on.

My foresight paid off. When I shut Toby in, I tied his outside door latch with baling twine. Good thing. "Somebody" opened the latch to try to get his door open. "Somebody" failed because of the baling twine. "Somebody" took a "Chance" in trying to help Toby escape. "Somebody" also opened Tucker's door latch, but the eye hook held it closed. "Chance" had nothing to do with it. It was all well planned. *G*

Chance seems to be spending at least part of the day in the east run-in shed, by the big Boys' stall doors. I guess herd instincts are pretty strong.  But he does go off to graze by himself, which makes his herdmates jealous.

Another week or so, and I hope this will all be resolved.


  1. Chance! What a clever horse! But you got him this time ^-^

  2. Glad you had everyone on "lock down"!

    Stall rest is very tedious - glad they're there together to keep each other company.

  3. What a stinker! Let's hope he doesn't figure out how to untie knots!

  4. It's so hard on the horses to be under lock and key for a while. But it's good you took a Chance and made extra preparations to keep those doors secure. In this miserable weather you would think they would rather be in the shade of their stalls standing in front of the fans. Guess the herd instinct to be together is very strong regardless of how comfortable they are.

  5. diaper, then vetwrap, then duct tape - that'll keep everything on.

  6. I've heard that it's hot there; also that air quality is bad. It'a good time for the boys not to work. Even in Maine it's hot - my sister just emailed me.

    Oh, that Chance. What a clever boy.