Monday, July 18, 2011

A Little Out

 But A Lot More In

I put Toby out in the arena yesterday morning. He started to enjoy himself until he realized the other horses were on the other side of the barn. Then he started fussing and running around. Eventually, I put Tucker in with him and things quieted down, except that already, by a bit after 9:30, the flies were out in force, and both Boys were clearly bothered by them.

I cleaned the stalls, filled the water tub, put hay in and then brought the Boys in for breakfast.  Everyone pretty much stayed in the barn for the bulk of the day after that. Toby was locked in, and Tucker and Chance chose to stand in, with their fans blowing on them.  I hayed again around noon and fed around 5 PM, so being inside wasn't too bad considering it was a hot day.

This morning, I went out at about 6:30 just to let Toby out for a while--this time before the flies were fully awake.  He just strolled around, stretching his legs for a couple hours until I went back out to feed.  By then, the barn was starting to be appealing again--heat and the bugs--so he came right in for breakfast and is now closed in his stall.

Chance is out and about, mostly browsing under the apple tree for fallen apples--just a few little green ones--and nibbling at the grass.  All is quiet and settled out there.

The vet is coming on Friday, hopefully to clear Toby for full turnout again. He looks perfectly sound, so I'm pretty sure he's OK.

There's not much action here, although I did start to do a really thorough refrigerator cleaning and I trimmed some more of the out of control weeds around the outside of the house. I did not swim yesterday as I figured a hot Sunday would be really busy at the pool. I will swim today, though.

Not much else to report.


  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Hope Toby gets cleared for full turnout - that will make him happier, I expect.

  2. Good news that Toby is sound! poor old chap.

    I bet he will be cleared next friday ^-^ all is well in your world.

  3. Fingers crossed that Toby gets the all clear for turnout on Friday. It's not so bad to be in a stall with a fan while it's this hot and buggy though. Hope you get your swim in, I can imagine how crowded the pool would have been over the weekend.

  4. The heat and the bugs are wicked this year. Glad to hear the boys are coping well!

    I've been hanging out in my kids' wading pool in our back yard. I can't really swim in it, but at least it isn't crowded!

  5. sounds good to me...

  6. I am thinking that Tetley prefers to be in the barn with the shade and the overhead fans running during this hot weather too.