Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Lazy Swim

First, a report on the Boys. It finally cooled off a bit today, so that was good. I'd left the fans on the last two nights just because it was so hot.  Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice.

Tucker looks pretty sound, but I really didn't take him out to test him as I don't want to stress his hoof without the shoe. For Claire, Tucker was wrapped with a "nappy," vetrap and a layer or two of duct tape. He still managed to get it all off.  Today, however, the same kind of wrapping seems to be staying on just fine. I wonder if he stepped on his foot yesterday?

Hard to tell about Toby either as I've not had him out according to vet's orders. But he is eating better and seems quite cheery and interested in things in a positive way. I've put him on a magnesium supplement--Quiessence--which is both a calming and a metabolic supplement. Since he is eating his feed, he eats it up as it is pelleted and must taste OK.

Chance is alternating his hangouts among his own stall in front of the fan, the apple tree where the little green apples fall, the run in shed by Toby and Tucker, and the pasture.

I am in "accomplishing nothing" mode for some reason. Then, to top it off, when I went for my swim this evening, there was a swim meet going on and the lap pool was closed.  There is a family pool, but it's nearly impossible to actually swim there, so I opted for a "lazy" evening. I rode around the lazy river about six times. Then, for exercise, I decided to go down the water slides.  The exercise consisted of climbing 30 steps up the stairs to reach the top of the slides and then, a very short swim across the landing pool once I was back down.  I did this circuit four times, so that was 120 steps up the staircase--quite an effort for my bad knees.

That was my rather short circuited exercise program, but I did get to cool off in the water and relax some more.

Now if I could only get some work done around here.........


  1. sounds like a nice relaxing pool time! I feel you on the 120 steps...

  2. Wow, that's a lot of steps. I feel like I did that today while watching my two year old granddaughter, she must have gone up the stairs at least fifteen times. I'm just sorry I didn't have a water slide to go back down.

    Sounds like the boys are sorting it all out. It's nice that we had some cooler weather today for a change.

  3. Feeling the same. I ought to update my blog, but I have not found the will yet. I hope you had a look at all the photos from the Dolomites I posted on FB.

    I hope to write up today ^-^

  4. Ooh, I bet those stairs were hard on your knees!