Thursday, July 07, 2011

Thunder Rumbles and Toby Bounces

All Day Long

Thunderstorms rumbled through off and on all day long. I'd gone over to visit my friend at a barn on the next road over and we heard thunder several times, but no rain. When I came home, it was soaking wet at the end of my road, but dry at my house, less than a mile west. Really rather amazing that rain had hit just one spot and not another.

But shortly after I gave Toby some more hay, my phone rang. It was Stacie my other friend calling to tell me she'd just seen on the Weather Channel that a huge storm was going to hit my area in a few minutes.  Once more I heard a rumble and this time went out to the barn to get Tucker and Chance into the barn as heavy lightning was also predicted.

The storm hit shortly after with torrential rains--so heavy you could hardly see outside. That lasted about a half hour. Then things cleared up and the sun came out.

Every now and then afterwards, I heard little rumbles so I decided not to even bother going to the pool as they close the water when it storms.

Good thing. It turns out an electrical wire had come down over there and they'd closed the partk for the afternoon.

Meanwhile, Toby was in bounce mode. I have to feel sorry for him. He is so upset that the other Boys are out and about while he's locked in. He is bouncing about the stall, going to the door and whinnying to them. When I tried to give him is bute tonight I had to wait until Tucker came in for his late feed before I could even get Toby's attention.

On the good side, even though he is worried, he certainly does not look at all lame. Now, emotional upset might be playing a part here, but when he was sore on his feet, he did not care that he was separated from the other horses. In fact, the night I found him lying down, he was out in the run in shed while they came in the barn and he showed no concern for where they were at all.  It may not be the best kind of enthusiasm for life that he's showing now, but it certainly is normal Toby behavior.

The vet will be here this afternoon.  Scott called me yesterday to confer but he said we needed to wait to do any shoeing until we were sure the inflammation in Toby's feet was gone. He cannot be here when my vet is here, but hopefully he will answer his phone so he can talk to her about what to do next.


  1. very sorry to read about Toby - amazed to think about lami in the context of your grazing - but as you say, if it's raining, it's growing....hugs and hope vet/farrier bring him right soonest...

  2. Anonymous7:15 AM

    It does sound like he is feeling more like himself, although being away from his friends must be hard.

  3. Toby is fine, if he is complaining so loudly.

    I hoep teh vet gives you good news, it is only him getting older.
    We all do ^_^

  4. Sounds like Toby is feeling much better. Hopefully, you'll get a good report from the vet today and he can start hanging out with his friends again soon. Good luck.