Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot For Words

The Heat Wave Begins

Nothing really to report.  It was simply too hot to do much outside, and it's only going to get hotter over the next few days, with hope that the heat will break on Saturday.

The Boys were out and about up until around 10 AM or so, and since then I'm pretty sure they will be hanging out in the barn by the fans.  I was thinking of setting up a sprinkler in the paddock and may still do so, but I'm not sure where the sprinklers I have are, so that might require a trip out to buy one--dangerous move.

I and going shopping are a bad match. Yesterday I was supposed to have a doctor's sppointment--my 6 month cancer check--but my doctor had an emergency and canceled. So instead I headed out on a mission to find out what kind of Internet options I might have when I am away from my home computer--Comcast Cable (Xfinity) connection.

Nearly any way you look at it, it is an expensive proposition. First you need the device, and then you need to pay for some kind of service provider.  I was going to get a Kindle as once you buy the pad, the Internet service is free. Supposedly, you can access the web just fine, but after some investigation, I found out that Web access if pretty limited as the Kindle does not read all kinds of programming languages, so a lot of Webpage content will not load.

Then, of course, there are all kinds of phone options, but then you need both an phone contract and a data contract, raising the overall cost considerably.  I had a long talk with the tech advisor/salesman at Best Buy.  There was a promotional deal going on with AT&T.  $100 off on the device, a free personal WiFi connector (AT&T Moblie HotSpot) so that you connect through AT&T cellular service no matter where you are as long as AT&T is available, and data service for $35 a month.  (A 2 year contract)  Still pricey, but from what I could tell, the most economical option.

Then we found a tablet for under $200--there was an even cheaper one but we couldn't find a way to order it at the discount price.  Best Buy gave me free shipping, and I'll be on my way as soon as it arrives--it's been shipping already.

Better yet, my laptop can also connect to the Internet through the mobile WiFi and I set that up in about 2 minutes last night.  So, if my cable Internet should ever to out, I can still access the Web.  Not bad at all, since I apparently can also set up my desktop computer to do the same.  (The tech suggested I could do all my surfing through the AT&T device, but I am most happy with Xfinity, so I will not change that.)   While my laptop is portable, it is still rather big compared to the tablet, so I guess I have turned into a real "geek" with all this.

The goal? I was hoping to be able to keep people updated during my knee replacement recovery. Not so much to let people know how I am doing, but to give everyone a good idea of exactly what is involved in the whole thing.  I do not know how many horsemen have had double knee replacement surgery and my Internet searches have not been able to find out too much specific information, so I hope to take on the job of informing people myself.

I don't know how vociferous I will be. Not only will some of the post surgery stuff knock me for a loop, but I also don't know how efficient it will be typing on the tablet, but I will do my best. I've plenty of time to acclimate myself to the new technology as my surgery is not until September.

I will give my tablet review as soon as my new toy arrives.


  1. I think getting your tablet/new toy is a great idea for keeping people updated after your surgery. My husband has an ipad that he takes everywhere with him and he loves it. The only time I use it is to play Angry Birds(I'm addicted to that game).

    That wasn't around when I had my surgery and the rehab center had no wifi/cable connections so my lap top didn't work. It worked in the hospital but I was only there 3 days and loopy so it never got used. I only know one woman who had both knees done and she's not a rider but she did okay with it and is back to work now ( pre-school teacher). Stay cool.

  2. GREAT idea Jean! I woudl love to read your account. It will be so nice of you to documente what you are doing.
    I hope you find a good way to do it.

  3. i think that's a great ida.

    and you can then get the kindle app for your teblet, so will be able to read a load of books without lugging the books themselves about (i take it it's an android tablet?) and get a load of other free useful apps

    i LOVE my tablet (samsung galaxy tab)

  4. but don't forget to take the charger with you when you go into hospital!