Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sprinkler Failure

Not Like the Video

There is a widely circulating video of a horse enjoying the sprinkler on a hot day. Great idea. So, I got a sprinkler, set it up, turned it on and....indifference. Chance kind of hung out in the vicinity of the spraying water for a while, but Toby and Tucker really didn't seem to think the whole idea was either worthwhile or even interesting.  My hopes dashed, I unhooked the contraption and put it away for another day.

You'd think standing in a cool spray of water would be appealing on a hot day. I don't know if there was a mental disconnect going on or if they really didn't like it. Either way, I will try again, but I guess hosing will have to do instead. Bummer.

Meantime, I didn't even bother going for a swim on Saturday. On Friday the water was so warm I almost overheated doing my laps. I figured it would be even worse yesterday.  Last night, though, it cooled down a bit outside, so I went over to the pool just around noon and sure enough, the water felt pretty good. Not exactly cold, but cool enough to do twelve laps.

Then there was a members' meeting at the pool and we sat discussing issues of concern.  I've been pretty happy with how things are run, especially since the life guards have been really good about keeping the non-lap swimming kids and other non-swimmers out of the lap lanes this year. It's made it much easier to actually get some exercise without having to worry about collisions with people just fooling around. Everything else has been pretty good too, but I did suggest that perhaps they might post the results of the swim team's competitions.  I see the kids practicing all the time but I have no idea of how they've been doing. Some other member complained about the lounge chairs being carried off to the far side of the park, and a few other minor issues, but for the most part, things seemed to be pretty satisfying.

I came home, had lunch and then spent the rest of the day trying to figure out how to load the Blogger app to my tablet. For some reason, Google market refuses to recognize my device, but I am now beginning to think it's more a problem with AT&T denying access to download files.

I can post to Blogger through my email account, so that's good, but a direct post to Blogger would be so much nicer. I'll keep working on it, but either way, I'll manage.

Technical glitches like this can be so frustrating and only seem to increase as technology advances.

It's kind of like training a difficult horse......*G*  (See, I got back on topic after all!)


  1. i guess the horses may come to the sprinkler in due course when you're not watching...

    as for AT&T not letting you download from android market - back to the store, me thinks, as there's no point in an android tablet if you can't do that, since that's where all the content is!

  2. I love that video. I bet this sprinkler had been in their field for quite a while, before "they got it".

    Sorry no help with your new gadget. It is my hubby who is the expert ^-^

  3. I wonder if you left the sprinkler in there for a while and took a walk if they would investigate. I wouldn't even try one because I know mine would trash it in a minute (Nate and Grady). But it's a good idea, I thought about putting one of those stake types on the fence, it would most likely run the well down and out. Hosing for us too I guess.

  4. That's a bit of a stretch - getting back on topic :-)

    Too bad the boys didn't like the sprinkler. It's probably a totally foreign idea to them, not anywhere in their evolution. But wait the sky sprinkles at times...