Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Eye for and Eye

What Next?

Over the weekend I had some trouble with my left contact lens. Despite changing to a brand new one, my eye still felt irritated.  So, yesterday, I called my eye doctor.  Luck was not with me. He was out of town, so I had to call the doctor who was covering for him.

They gave me an appointment for the afternoon, as it was, essentially an emergency visit, not a regular eye exam thing. To cut to the quick. the doctor took a thorough look at my eye and found a "thread" stuck in it that looked like an eyelash. But there was also a scratch on my eye as well. He sent me home with some medication and said   it should be better in 48 hours.

When I was at the pool today, the eye started to bother me a little again...just kind of feeling "scratchy."  I wear swim googles so it was not the pool water.  Of course I still have some time to wait it out.  The doctor's office is supposed to call me tomorrow to see if it's all better. If not, I guess I will have to go in again.  Fortunately the visits are covered by insurance, to that's a plus. In the meantime, I am wearing my glasses which don't work quite as well as my lenses, especially when I am at the computer. Ah, well. Guess I just continue to fall apart as the years pass. *LOL*

Hot again, with the temp on the garage in the sun reading at 100F.  It was hot in the barn too, despite the fans and the Boys seemed to have decided wandering around outside was much better. But, as always they were right there for feed time.

I am adding oil to Tucker's feed on the presumption that he might have some metabolic issues. And he is accepting it well. When I take his feed in, he stands back to wait for me to pour the oil on and then seems quite pleased to lap it up with his feed. I don't know if that means anything, but as long as he likes it, I'll keep adding it in.

Vegetable oil is not as cheap as it used to be. I guess the move to agri fuels is affecting prices. So when I saw Wesson Oil at $5.99 a gallon, I bought three.  I checked the Internet to see of there were any cheaper prices around, but so far, no luck.  I suppose I can always use it to fuel the tractor if Tucker doesn't want it. *G*

So, status quo at Follywoods as far as the Boys are concerned.

As for me,  "Eye hope to be fine tomorrow."


  1. Eye hope your all better tomorrow too! You sure are having your share of issues :( Let's just hope this is it and nothing bad for a long, long while!

  2. It's hot and miserable here too. Eye do hope that your eye trouble will be gone by tomorrow. Maybe you are just getting all the annoyances out of the way and when the cooler weather hits you'll be feeling good and getting in lots of work with the boys.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Hope the eye feels better - that can really hurt or at the least be really irritating.

  4. On the bright side, by the time you get all these little issues taken care of you'll be a whole new you! Kind of like having an overhaul. *L*.

    Hurricane Earl is supposed to clear out this heat wave. Here's hoping you're all better and get to enjoy some beautiful Fall weather!

  5. how odd! hope it gets sorted ok