Sunday, September 05, 2010


Electric Fencing

I definitely will be putting strands of electric fence along that front fence line as soon as I get the fence appropriately repaired. I may have some good replacement rails, or I may have to buy some. And one fence post needs a bit of a reset. I was hoping I could use a solar powered fence charger but...
1. The solar chargers are very expensive.
2. It's only about 150' of fence.
3. I don't see any place where the sun will shine enough to charge the panels.
So, I will probably use a battery operated charger. The location is across the driveway from the house, so running an electric line would be a big deal and, the barn is about 200' away so running a line from there isn't ideal either. It's kind of a bad spot, but I'll figure something out.

The other option, of course, is another line of fencing so the front of the property is double fenced.  The second fence would have to be less than 4' high, however as local zoning laws do not allow a fence of 4' any closer to the road than the fence I already have. Or, I could put a another line of fence inside the current fence making the paddock smaller by four or five feet.  That could work too, but it is an expensive option and would have to wait until I could get the money together.

I am sure the electric will work, however as that's what I did in the pasture and the Boys simply stay away from the fence line.

I do have some empathy for the Renegade Boys' adventure, however. That grass and those leaves must have tasted really good compared to the hay and dried up grass within their fences.  We have had a drought all summer. As I've noted before, only the very wet winter and spring saved us from all kind of water emergencies around here.  Our water supplies primarily depend on groundwater, and the aquifer was well charged from the heavy snows and spring floods.

I just hope the weather pattern changes soon, however. We really need some good rains.

Mary Lou, your rent a husband idea sounds awfully good, but I couldn't afford the plane fare, let alone the fee. Besides, I do have a few friends here I can usually recruit to help me on some of the trickier tasks.  Don't know if I'll need them for the electric job, but we'll see.  I think I still have some electric fence line and insulators stashed away and there is a battery operated charger my Dad used to use to keep the raccoons out of his corn--if it still works.

Looks as if I have a lot to keep my busy.

Legs are almost back to normal. I had a nice swim today and a good long tour of the Lazy River. There was hardly anyone at the pool complex and I nearly had the lap pool to myself.  It was only in the upper 70's today, so I guess swimming was not on a lot of people' minds.  Tomorrow is the last day the pool is open, then I have to search out my indoor options.  (although I have a friend's pool I can probably use while the weather stays warm)

The lazy, hazy days of summer are on fast fade, I fear.


  1. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Glad you're feeling a bit better. We've used electric tape with chargers and they work pretty reliably - you'd probably want two on hand in case one fails.

  2. We've used the electric fence with no problem. So that might be the cheaper option. We use it and move it all around where we need it at the moment. My favorite fencing so far has been the four-high split rail. That way when they break a rail it's easy to replace and they are harder than the boards to break. (I think)

    I'm hoping for some rain too. Glad you got to swim before the summer fizzles out.

  3. Excellent that the knees are recovering nicely! Electric sounds like the best solution in your case. Most everyone has it around here and where we were in England too. Two batteries sounds like a very good idea - use one and charge the other. They are heavy though. Ah, you could put each one on a little dolly of its own and keep it there.

    Not sure if "rent a husband" is a good idea. Dave didn't notice the screen door was closed tonight and crashed through it! At least he landed on the carpeted floor inside :-)

  4. No idea about fencing. here mot sof the fencing is electrical.

    In England I love the fence made out of small trees. They will grow two lines of trees. One line grows up the other one is bent, then the year after the one up is bent and the other line is bent. I ma sure Mary-Lou or Caroline can explain it better than me. It was a great refuge for wild life and uncrossable for humans or equines. Great idea.

    I found it : It is called Hedge Laying, but I have not found a nice photo to post. It is a brilliant idea.

  5. Do the electric fence, and next time tell the horses they'll be safer at home if the storm comes. (Couldn't hurt.)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  6. I have electric fence, I absolutely love it! It's easy to put up, easy to repair and fairly cheap. I've put up interior fences to divide pastures in less than two hour by myself.

    I have not had good experiences with the solar chargers, they don't seem to last long or give a good charge. We have a plug in charger that gives a mighty zap, the boys don't go near it, even when it's off! (Matilda, well...that's another story. Wretched pony!)