Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Again

Summer is Not Over

I am so glad I retired from the school where I was teaching.  My room had no air conditioning and in weather like this it was stifling. I do not miss sweating at all.

Which is why I didn't work the horses today either....not that I have been.  My left knee is really quirky, but feeling a bit better with rest. I have a sneaking suspicion I did some new damage inside, but the less I think about that the better. As noted, I will try to ride and if I can do that, I can cope for now.

Right now I have to focus on some basics.  I need to pick up some bales of hay to tide me over until my hay man gets his new delivery from New York State.  I was going to do that today, but I got sidetracked by who knows what--I am becoming very "distractable" lately with the campaign going on.  My calendar seems to be filling up with events, meetings, and candidate things I need to do.

Today I went to the senior center in town and joined up.  I thought you had to be older than I am, but it turns out I could have joined at 55.  They have all kinds of events going on.  Today I watched a group of really nice ladies playing Mah-Jong.  I've been playing the solitaire  game online, so I am familiar with the tiles, but, my goodness, the rules of the game itself are complicated.  The version they were playing was "Charleston," and it was kind of a combination of Scrabble, Gin Rummy, Hearts, several other games.  It did look like fun and they invited me to join them sometime--as long as I promised to lose.  I'm pretty sure I would. *lol*

I still have to try the membership in the gym/pool place too, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I do have to wonder if the swimming would be good for my knees.  Could be the exercise they were getting in the summer helped.

The horses do need some kind of attention besides the basics.  My big disappointment is that the apple tree by the paddock does not seem to be dropping any apples--unless the groundhog is getting them all.  The Boys look longingly at me every time I pass by there and I have nothing to offer them.

If it chills off this evening, I'll put on some good knee braces and go out for some ground work with them.  At least they won't think I'm ignoring them.


  1. They don't in the schools here either, I suppose because school is out in the summer. I remember when the boys started in the fall it was so hot inside. Now if we all lived in Montana we would only have highs in the 60's to deal with.

  2. It was hot today. I hope it goes back to the 60's soon. I'm sure the boys don't care if you worked them or not today. Wonder what happened to all the apples? Maybe tomorrow your knees will feel better and you can get a ride or two in. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. We're doing the hot/cold/hot thing - it's supposed to be 87 tomorrow!

  4. Yikes. It's been fabulous here--40s overnight and 70s during the day. I'm loving fall.

  5. Hope you got the chance to hang out with the boys in the paddock, always relaxing :)