Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Days and All That

Even Busier Than Before

On Monday, I went in to the Academy where I substituted at the end of the last school year, to act as a one day sub for the Mechanical Engineering teacher.  I knew half of his students, so that was good. and all of his classes were great.  The 9th graders, first year in the school, were the only ones who really were not quite sure what kind of work they were supposed to be doing in class, so I set up a little lesson on body language for them.

From what I could tell, they really enjoyed the class.  It's kind of  mixture of psychology and culture where I pick a two students to sit in front of the class and then have the class observe how they sit, move, and simply react to the situation.  We then go on to discuss and notice how the students' body language communicates how they are feeling.  I have a lot of other little things we do such as discovering personal space, how businessmen need to learn how to both give and respond to physical cues and behaviors of people in other cultures, and lots of other related things. I also demonstrate various teaching styles teachers use--teaching from behind a podium, sitting in a chair, standing, moving about the room, etc. and how that influences the class.  It's a fun lesson and the students really seemed to relate.

That was my last class of the day so after school I put on my bathing suit and went for a swim in the college's indoor pool.   I realized how much I missed my summer swimming sessions, so I will definitely sign up for the gym nearby with the current generated pool and once in a while take the longer drive to the County College to use the lap pool.

I rained most of yesterday and most of today as well, so I didn't even think of riding. Besides, today I had a doctor's appointment, and then spent the rest of the day running errands.  I ended up visiting the school from which I retired and got to see several of my friends, making a good end to the afternoon.

Since then, I've just gotten back from a Township Council meeting. Not much going on, but I do need to keep up on the government just in case we do win the election.

Right about now I am ready to fall into bed.  It's been a few busy days and the missing sunshine doesn't help my energy level.  More rain on the way too, but I won't complain.  After three months of hot, totally dry summer, we need the water.


  1. Fantastic lecture. I wish I were there ;-) You ought to write books about teaching. I bet you have already started one!

  2. Your lecture on body language sounds interesting and I'll wager the students enjoyed the change of pace and subject.

    It has been miserable but we really do need the rain. I'm hoping it stops by the weekend so we can ride.

  3. How cool does that lesson sound?!

    You sound refreshed after a swim, hope you can make it a regular thing over winter :)

    And you are welcome to have our rain too if you'd like!

  4. Wow, you have been busy. I want to be a student in your class!

    I saw the rain for your area; in fact I think you might have flood warnings. But hopefully it's not pouring so it can really soak in. Send some our way as we are parched.