Friday, September 03, 2010

The Boys Are Back!

Search Parties Fail But Victory Follows! 

I had two riders out for about two hours and someone on a mini-bike as well. I had hiked the forest at least three times and even gone back to the house where they were first spotted to try to track them.

One of the searchers, on a whim, told the farmer who was taking care of the Christmas trees that horses were missing and if he saw them to please call. About an hour later, he did.  They were grazing along the pumpkin patch where the riders had already searched.

The girls caught them and led them home for me. I could hardly walk at that point, my knees, legs, feet and body were SO tired.

I have attached gates to the fence where it was broken until I can do a more proper repair and the renegades are back within the fences.  Thank goodness. I don't see any damage on anyone....

Tucker supposedly told the communicator that he was worried about the weather and felt safer being out and about rather than confined.  I am going to make sure, that as Earl passes up this way, that I go out repeatedly to check on the Boys.  If indeed their adventure was related to the coming storm, I want them to feel safe and cared for should it arrive.

I am going for a swim...or perhaps just a tour around the Lazy River. I need to take my mind off this trauma.

Back later.


  1. Thank goodness they're home safe! I've been checking back all morning for a good update.

    My horses have been acting strange since yesterday, I think they do sense the storm coming. And I know horses prefer to be outside in storms, rather than confined.

    I hope the communicator told Tucker that he should let somebody know next time, before he just takes matters into his own hands! *G*

  2. Very glad the news is good.

  3. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Whew - that must be such a relief - I'm relieved and I've never met them in person! So glad all are safe and apparently sound. Take a well-deserved rest yourself.

  4. OH my goodness! Thank god the boys are back and safe and sound.

    Take some time to relax and let all that bad nervous energy dissipate.

  5. Phew pleased they are back and okay...what a worry!!
    Hope you arent hit too bad by the storm.

    Polo used to do wandering acts when he was grazed with my uncles mares for the summer when they used to go back to their winter place. I think he was off looking for them,I usually found him after an hour to two but it was very scary.

  6. Good lord, I'm glad they're safe and sound!

    Earl didn't do much of anything here. It was measly, really.

  7. Thank goodness they are home safe and sound. Now they have something to talk about tonight, their excellent adventure. I'm so happy to hear that they were unharmed.

    Sounds like you're going to have to give those legs and knees a rest tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed the relaxing lazy river, you deserve a nice calming meander down the river after your day.

  8. Oh Jean! I haven't been reading as I have been away all week. Thank goodness they were found, unharmed! You must feel so traumatized! It probably be hard for you to sleep tonight. All my family is in Maine and there is much talk about the coming storm but, as usual, I expect that Maine will escape the worst of it. I will be there next weekend!

  9. What a stress, so glad everyone is home safe. Take care of yourself x

  10. I am happy they are back and safe. I hope Earl wont hit you too hard!!

    Fingers crossed, still thinking of you.