Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And the Heat's On Again

But the Tractor's OK

The summer heat has returned with a vengeance. It may not be quite as humid as it was most of the season, but temperatures are well up into the 90's F, and it is too hot for me.

The Boys are again alternating their time between the shaded paddock areas and the stalls where I have their fans working overtime. I've been filling the water trough twice a day, so I know they are drinking quit a bit, so that's good. And the apples are being cleaned up under the tree giving them something to amuse themselves. Grass is still sparse despite the bit of rain we had, so I give them plenty of hay.

In the morning, the tractor repair man showed up for the Kubota with the front end loader. Turns out it had a small leak in one of the hydraulic hoses.  He worked for about a half hour to replace it.  But his truck was darn impressive. It has just about every piece of equipment he would need to fix even the largest of farm tractors. There's a welding machine, an air compressor, a generator, a crane, and all kinds of other gadgets and tools so when he makes road calls to the farms he can do almost any repair they may need. He had to do a little creative rigging to get one of the fittings to work properly on my tractor and the "test drive" afterwards proved he'd done a good job. It wasn't too expensive-- nothing compared to the washer or heater and saved me a bunch of money I would have had to pay if I'd had them take the tractor to the shop. I really need the tractor for the snow season, so once again, I'm happy that it's fixed.

I went for a lovely afternoon swim and then my fellow candidate and I went "walking"--campaigning door to door in one of the neighborhoods in her area.  We left our calling card at a number of homes when no one answered the door, but also spoke to a good number of people about local issues before my knees started to give out.  It wasn't the walking itself so much as the standing about to chat that bothered them  Maybe I need to take one of those portable seats with me?

It's good to hear what people are concerned about in out Township.  Unfortunately, taxes are the number one issue and right now there's not too much we can do about them unless we do get elected. I hope to come up with some ideas that might save the Township money and offer them as the election season moves on.  In the meantime, we're all just stuck opening our wallets and paying out.  *sigh*

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  1. Just as hot here today and yesterday too. I'm only hoping it's summers last gasp. Good to hear your tractor is fixed and ready to go. Also nice you got in a swim. Campaining sounds tiring but I'm sure you'll do well in the election. Good luck.