Monday, September 06, 2010

My Singing

To Torture Those Of You Who Want to Listen

I have often spoken of my singing in church. My church website has recordings of most of our services.

The duets and solos I sang this summer are posted if you would like to have a listen.

Here is the website address:

Now, once you get there you will see a listing of services by date. My duets were on 7/11/2010.  My solos were on 8/08.2010.

The duets are in the "start" part of the service. That is the first column.  The first selection, just a simple hymn is at  11:50 on the counter.  The second, the Pie Jesu is at 32:28.  I am the high voice.

The solos on 8/08 are in the "start" part of the service at: 4:04 and 22:42.  The final solo is in the "end" section at: 11:03.

The recordings are not enhanced in any way and I'm not sure of what kind of equipment is used but the mikes seem to be in pretty good spots to pick up our voices.

Here's you chance to hear me in real life.

Sorry about that! *G*

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