Friday, September 24, 2010


Totally Lacking

Of course, the weather doesn't help.  It's been "summer warm" over the last few days and the one time it cooled off, a terrific thunderstorm came through.  The wind was so strong at the start, I almost thought there was a tornado near by.

But that's not the main problem.  I am finding it hard to get motivated to do much around here, let alone ride the horses.  I am hoping this is a temporary condition due mostly to my knees, but I am a bit frustrated with myself.

Then again, I am kind of busy with campaign obligations too, so that does keep me somewhat busy.

I did go to pick up 8 bales of hay this morning to supplement my supply until my hay man gets his new load.  And I put a piece of plywood over the well for the barn.  The old lid caved in sometime this summer.  Fortunately, I had a piece of wood that fit, but I still need some more to cover the other side where there are some hoses and things stored.   So I did accomplish something for the day.

Not sure what's up with the horses becoming just big pets for the time they have all summer, but I do suspect that once it cools off, I will feel more like doing some riding.  I am definitely in a slump in that department.

Fortunately, aside from their not being fit, my Boys do not pose a huge problem when they have not been ridden for a long time.  While Chance is not fully trained for dressage, he certainly has an easy temperament and I can just hop on to ride, even out on the trails. without any problem.  Tucker never was a trail star, but he works just fine in the arena, and Toby goes most anywhere with some element of reliability.

When I read of people who have to lunge their horses before they get on to work them down before riding, I realize how lucky I am.

But, a good part of that is related to turnout.  I have always kept my horses at barns where they have been turned out either all day or all night, depending on the season.  Now that they are home, they have 24-7 options for turnout and it makes a huge difference in their attitudes towards life.

I always feel sorry for horses kept in stalls for most of the time.  It is just not natural.  As well, while I do understand that sometimes there are logical safety reasons for it, I also feel sorry for horses forced to be alone all the time, especially in turnout.  If they cannot be in the same space with other horses, they should at least be able to see other horses.  As herd animals, it's important for their minds and bodies.

So, while I may not be riding them, my Boys have a pretty good set up here.  They stay a little fit just roaming around the paddocks and pastures, they get to play with each other, and I know for sure they are well fed and have plenty of shelter.

Not bad at all.


  1. I wonder if you've been tad depressed most of the year? you did have that big op last back end, and then your knees have been giving you gip and consistent pain like that is depressing..

    like i said, you'd be a new woman with new knees! :-)

  2. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Horses never mind being pets. Maybe when it cools down this fall, the motivation will come back. I try to avoid the lungeing before riding thing myself, even with Dawn, and that mostly is OK.

  3. Most of the people I have known who have to lunge their horses before riding had stalled horses. I agree that turnout is best, particularly 24/7 turnout. I give mine the option of coming in or staying out, they nearly always choose to be out.

    Motivation has been an issue for me, too. Same sort of thing: too hot, abdominal surgery, back bothering me, out of shape. I'm hoping cooler weather will bring me more motivation, too. Maybe that's what I'll ask Santa for...*L*

    Motivated rider or not, so long as the horses are happy and healthy you're doing a god job!

  4. Motivation around here is not an issue. I don't have it either. I did when the weather was a little cooler and the humidity less, but today after dragging the ring...not so much. It's just too sweaty.

    Luckily, our horses have lots of turnout and keep themselves fit. I have never had my horses at a place that didn't have all day or night turnout, it's just not normal for them. I always feel that if I was forced to stay in a stall it would be like prison. We don't lunge before getting on either. They shouldn't need it.

  5. I think horses don't care one iota if they're not working, it's just a pain for us to have to go back to square one and build them back up gradually and sensibly. I do think they need 1-to-1 attention but that doesn't have to take the form of ridden work, enjoy them very much as pets if that's all you feel like for now :)

    Your guys have a pretty charmed life, and you're lucky to have three boys who are so easy -to-do. It's all good!

  6. I say, in a small voice, that I agree with Claire - new knees, new woman. Having said that, in a small voice, I need to ride first thing, then do my work after. At my age I don't have limitless energy, though I have more than most. So I think of you having to do all the chores associated with horse keeping, and I can understand the motivation thing. They could care less, I am sure, with their 24 hour turn out.

  7. Well I have to disagree with the 24/7 turnout. In my small world, I already know of three horses who had to be PTS from turnout injuries (from bad fall or playmate kick).

    Also Teena, who was turnout with a friend did not move away fronm her shelter. Hence the Jaime Jackson's "Paddock Paradise", a type of paddock, that "makes" the horses move around the field to get them to exercise.

    I believe in part-time paddock in well-fence, nice ground turn-out with apropriate playmate. Then part-time stalled.
    I think horses should be used of both.

    Regarding work, I think horses are much better on no-work or medium to hard work. I think light work is not really good for them, as They cannot maintain the muscles for carrying a rider well.
    Just my two pences.

    So I bet your boys are very happy to be pets ^-^

  8. I know where you are coming from with lack of motivation,but it cant be easy when your in sure the boys dont mind one bit:))

    I agree 100% re the turn out,the simple fact is they are programmed to move not stand for hours on end.
    There is a horse on our yard who has been an absolute nightmare to deal with. Rearing,biting and throwing people off. The owner decided to sell,she's very scared of him, but since he put the last person who tried him in hospital that has drawn to a halt.
    He had and hour or two turn out in the morning then stabled then the same at night then stabled overnight.
    Since the incident he has been turned out 24/7 in the main field and guess what...the rearing and biting has stopped and his owner has even braved riding him in the past week!