Thursday, September 09, 2010

So Cute

Horsey Curiosity

This morning when I went out to feed, the Boys were all ready for me...right by the barn.

While they were eating I cleaned the stalls and the west side run in shed.

Then, I went out to the riding arena to poo pick.  Before too long, Chance came out to see what I was doing. He zeroed in on the wheelbarrow, full at that time, so I had to hurry over before he tipped it.  He followed me out of the arena to the manure pile where I dumped it and then made his way over to the fence area nearest where I was doing the next bout of cleaning.

A minute or so later, and Tucker showed up.  He marched right over to stand practically on top of me, insisting on some scratches.  Then he started playing with Chance over the fence.  Needless to say, this was all in the middle of the area I was trying to clean.

It took all of another minute for Toby to show up, requesting his portion of my attention.

So there they were, all three Boys--the elusive Renegades of a few days ago, totally in my lap.

Now I wonder how companionable they would have been if I'd had a bridle in my arms?


  1. If they were Izzy, it wouldn't matter what you were carrying. They just need attention now. ;-)

  2. Anonymous3:42 PM

    They could see you were otherwise engaged!

  3. THey are so social and would be happy to help if only they could pick up a fork.

  4. ;-) they are like children asking for attention when you are on the phone.