Monday, September 13, 2010

Chiro for Me

Grain Pickup First

I threw something out in my back, I thought. It was enough to make me go to my chiropractor in the afternoon.

But, in the morning, I picked up a load of horse feed--grain and alfalfa cubes.  I brought it home and unloaded it around noon.  It was pretty warm out, as if summer was making a comeback.

After lunch, I headed for the doctor's office. It wasn't my back, exactly.  My pelvis was out--could that be due to Chance's wanting me to ride off on to my right seatbone?  H-m-m-m-m.  And, I had ribs out on the right side. Not clear how that happened, but my doctor said it's usually from some kind of twisting motion.  Maybe cleaning stalls?

Who knows, but it did convince me that I need to get back to swimming--which then led me to the gym about three miles from here where my friend told me there was a pool.  The place is actually  primarily a therapy center.  The good part of that is that is is well monitored by therapists who know what they are doing.  It's small, as is the pool.  Not exactly made for swimming laps BUT, it has one of those currents you can turn on to swim against. There is no contract to sign, so you can pay on a monthly basis.  I am thinking I will try it for a month to see how I like it.

I can also go to the lap pool at the college whenever I want to. But that is a 15 mile drive one way, and not exactly a fun trip to do just for a half hour swim.  If I sub at the Academy, of course it makes sense, but just to go for a swim, it's a bit of a trip.  So, what I might do is go there once a week or so and swim several more days a week in the therapy pool close by.

For my knees and back, swimming is an ideal exercise.  I've never tried keeping it up through the winter, so this will be an interesting experiment.

On days like today, especially, when I don't want to ride after a chiropractic adjustment, it's the perfect exercise.

Guess I'll see how it goes in my trial period.


  1. swimming indeed. I am starting training this morning! We can support each other during the winter, when the dyas are cold, and the idea of having wet hairs is one I do not want to entertain ;-)

  2. partner says i should go swimming more - i tend not to, after work and horse - but once i recover from this wrist, maybe that's a plan for the winter! i shall need some more excercise