Friday, September 17, 2010

Shoe Off

And A Rainstorm

When I went out yesterday morning to pick the riding arena, I found Tucker's missing shoe. So that ended the day for him.

Had a bit of shopping to do, which took up more of the day and came the rain.

Thunderstorms here in my part of NJ did not seem too severe, but there were reports of tornadoes in other parts of the East Coast.  What we did get was some much needed rain--for a good part of the afternoon, into the evening, and again late at night/early morning. Hopefully some of it soaked in, but for sure the grass, trees and plants all got a much needed drink.

Horse activity was non-existent and Tucker is stuck in his stall until my shoer comes.


  1. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I guess NYC was clobbered - glad it wasn't too bad down your way. Hope the shoe gets back on soon.

  2. he doesn't believe in hanging on to his shoes that Tucker boy, does he?

  3. Poor Tucker having to stay in. We got some much needed rain too. Hope your shoer shows up soon, it's too nice to have to stay inside.

  4. Glad you have had some rain without the worst of the weather.

    I hope Tucker is sporting a new shoe soon!

  5. Has anyone ever tried Super-Glue or Velcro as new shoeing practices?
    We are told we might get our first rain of the season tomorrow. I'm a bit excited at the thought of a change in the weather.

  6. I read that there were two tornadoes in NYC!