Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food For Dogs

I Am Shamelessly Borrowing Too!!

Grey Horse Matters posted this post from Carson at the 7msn.  Since the program ends today, this was the fastest way to get my post in. 
Pedigree® is sponsoring an Adoption Drive – they are donating a bowl of dog food for every "like" they get on their facebook page. If you go and "like" them, one more shelter dog will get a bowl of food. But that's not all.

For every blog that mentions the Adoption Drive between Sept. 16 through Sunday, Sept. 19, Pedigree® will donate a 20-lb. bag of food to a shelter. If you've got a blog, there's still time to write a post and help a dog. Enter the link to your blog post here :  to participate


  1. It's a good cause. I hope they get lots of food for the dogs from this campaign.

  2. I missed it. It sounded like a good cause.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to post about this event! With the help of everyone we were able to raise about 8,000lbs of food!

    Two Little Cavaliers