Saturday, September 04, 2010

Who is Earl?

Headlines With No Story

Earl came and went along our area of the East Coast almost unnoticed. Apparently, a few places had a bit of rain and some wind. Here, he kicked up a breeze or two but nothing more.

I have mixed feelings. While I DEFINITELY did not want his winds after all my tree damage with the Nor'easter, we really do need rain and that would have been welcome. But no such luck. We are still dry and now, with the winds coming in--either a backlash from Earl or harbingers of the cool front--dust is kicking up in my riding area in big swirls of sand.  My lawn and paddocks are mostly just dry, burnt grass, and it looks as if the cornfields are ready to harvest, as the stalks are all brown and dry. It's been a bad summer waterwise.

To my amazement, the Boys all do look fine after their great adventure. I don't see a sign of a scrape, scratch or bump on any one of them. I'll still keep an eye on things for a few more days, but so far, so good. The only thing I can surmise is that after their first foray into the woods--having first traveled down the road--they found one of the trails and used them to navigate. Considering where we found them, I'd suspect as well that they were never really too far away from home.

I can just picture them, hiding in a grove of trees out there when I went past, holding their breaths so I wouldn't hear them. As it is, I am rather surprised I never heard them crashing about in the dry leaves and undergrowth.  One of the good things about my woods--at least in the more accessible places--is that there are many places with hardly any low lying bushes and things.  So, until you get into the swampier areas, you can make your way around even when there is no defined trail.

Except for the briars and poison ivy.  Fortunately for me, the dry weather has killed off most of the poison ivy out there.  I was hunting for the Boys in shorts.  To prove it, my legs are covered in briar scratches. Nothing serious, but decidedly noticeable. I was even a little worried at the pool yesterday thinking they might not let me swim, but I got in the water quickly so no one noticed.  There was hardly anyone there because of the dire predictions of hurricane weather.  I had the lap pool all to myself, and a nice relaxing tour or three of the Lazy River. As noted, just what I needed.

However! My legs/knees are really sore. My right knee has some new swelling and every time I sit for a while I have to ease myself back up against the pain.  I'm not supposed to take painkillers due to the prolotherapy either as inflammation is important for tightening those ligaments.  So, I'm just suffering along.  Guess I wasn't exactly in shape to hike through the woods for nearly seven hours.  *G*

I need to get feed today, but have decided to only get perhaps two bags for now.  Monday the store will be closed for Labor Day, and I have enough to last at least until then, but since I'd need it then as well, I have to get some today--if that made any sense.  But I can't unload a full order, so two bags will do.

The weather has cooled off a lot, but the sun still feels warm, so I'll likely go for a swim again and there is a show at the Horse Park I might visit for a bit. Stacie has her saddle booth there and had some luck selling some used equipment.  I have a set of shipping boots that are brand new I might put there for sale....or not.  It all depends on how far I think I can walk. *sigh*

As long as my Boys are happy and safe, I feel fine.  The important things are, for the moment, under control.


  1. Anonymous10:27 AM

    The boys don't seem to have had any problems from the ordeal - now you just need to recover from it! Take it easy and I hope the pain eases up soon.

  2. get some rest ...

  3. I'm glad to hear that the boys are doing well. Sounds like you need to take a long rest in the lazy river for yourself. After you pick up feed of course. The work never ends does it. I'd like to see some rain around here too.

  4. Blessings duly counted:)

  5. Earl did nothing at all here, thankfully. We are about 1-2 hours from the beach though.

  6. I am quite relieved to see a long chatty blog from you. You have me worried. I am thinking about rent a husband :-) I had that funny thought in my mind today at the barn, and when we first arrived I made Dave help a woman with her cell phone - thought I should share him!

    Swimming is just the thing for you now and I would rather the hurricane pass you by than soak and blow the state. Take it easy right now!

  7. Glad to see the happy ending to your adventures. Loose horses are always a worry. My ponies got out the other day (blog to follow in a day or so) and it was all fun and games until they started heading for the highway. Everyone is safe. But the way horses act when they do get loose just more and more conviences me that horses thrive on freemdom. No matter how much pasture, no matter how much we love them and how well we treat them, horses are made to be FREE moving! I think we do them great injustice. (but I'm not setting my ponies loose! I love their company and personalities too mucy! Call me selfish!)