Thursday, September 02, 2010

Earl Is On The Way

Stifling Before the Storm

Hurricane Earl is coming up the East Coast over the next two days. Its arrival is coincidental with a cool front dropping down from Canada.  Earl may bring some wind, and hopefully. some much needed rain. I'm not too keen about the possibility of wind, as I still have some tree branches to clean up--more yard work waiting for the cooler weather.

It was super hot again today with temperatures in the upper 90's.  The Boys were in an out of the barn again, as I had the fans going again. I didn't even bother turning them off last night as it never really cooled off very much. They seem to be coping far better than I am in the heat.

I did some more clothes sorting today, but I really do need to steel myself and just get rid of a lot more. I simply do not need so many things to wear.  I got a bag in the mail from a veterans' agency looking for donations of clothing and household goods. They offer to come pick things up.  Maybe, if I can arouse my ambition, I can get some things together for them to take.

I also, of course, went for my daily swim. The water was lovely and I did 12 laps of the pool and three tours of the Lazy River.  I have two options for swimming once the summer season is over, but I have to check one out. That pool is closer than the college pool where I swam this Spring, but I would have to pay.  I have a friend who works at the gym where the paid pool is located, but she is on vacation right now, so I couldn't find out what kind of deal they might have just to use the pool and not the rest of the gym facilities. We'll see. Either way, if I want to, I can do some swimming all year.

Now, if I could just get myself in gear and do some riding...once it cools off I might actually get fit again--or at least more fit than I am from just swimming.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I need to do the clean-out thing myself - thanks for the inspiration - now if I can just follow through!

  2. I've still got t-shirts from old concerts and just a lot of junk in general that I'll never wear again. Still I'm a pack rat and hate to get rid of them. Maybe as long as we're stuck in the house I will try and start on the basement one of these days. Ugh!

    Swimming all year sounds good. Hope you don't get hit with Earl to badly.

  3. Toss a horse in the pool and combine the two!